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I run this whole thing and find the top tunes ready to review for every Wednesday and the occasional Friday! We mainly review up and coming small bands from a whole range of genres from Dream Pop and Shoegaze to Folk and Alternative. We have most areas of the independent scene covered, I think.

A little about me…

I’m an aspiring music journalist currently in my first year of uni in London which is where I can be found 80% of the year. I work for Xune Magazine which is an online publication doing one or two articles a week for them, you should go check them out! I am also the social media manager for up and coming artist Sara Strudwick who you should also go take a look at. I love to be busy and can’t wait to see where this blog will take me after running it for 3 years all by myself.

All words written in my posts are my own unless otherwise specified and all products marked with a * are products I have been so kindly sent. Feel free to contact me with music samples that you would like me to review. All images used are either my own or have been found on Google Images. No copyright infringement intended. Please see contacts page to contact me if there is a problem with anything at all. Don’t hesitate to ask, I am nice.


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