Bad Sounds – Get Better

The long-awaited Bad Sounds EP has finally been released for all the pour and ponder over. Its variety of genres and mix of classic Bad Sounds echoes throughout its clash of the unique and adventurous take on music the group have developed into over the years.

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The whole variety act on display within this new piece demonstrates how far this 5 piece has come. Originally from Bath sibling duo, Ewan and Callum Merrett set out to create a funk-infused musical masterpiece with a heavy dosage of 70s rhythms and rhymes. Wearing their influences loud and proud on their sleeves Bad Sounds over the years have built up quite a following performing at the venue after venue, festival after festival over the past year.

Earworm hooks and a hip-hop foundation are just two of the key elements to creating a Bad Sounds hit. Track 7, aptly named ‘Banger’ is a clear example of the key structures to creating a hit. With its shady bass lines and a heavy injection of 70’s soul and funk, it really gets you into your groovy slipping and sliding from one headphone to the other.

‘Couldn’t Give It Away’ is another hit single from this debut EP that has become an instant jam among the alternative and interpretive modern day indie crowds. Pulsing feel-good vibes and being Red Skye’s favourite, this track from this new album it really is the track that sums up the band the best. Creating a dancing atmosphere note by note the track really sweetens up the whole album helping the eclectic mix of genres that make up the rest of the album seemingly intertwine.

Fuzzy and fun-loving tunes are what these guys specialise in creating these types of feelings at every single gig they play at. With a tour up and coming Bad Sounds are no longer just two brothers from Bath.


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