The 1975 – Singles

With the ever-changing looks of frontman Matt Healy being enough to confuse even the simplest of being as to what type of album is coming up next, The 1975’s latest instalments of singles are stirring the music industry up and some would say not in the right way.

Image result for tootimetootimetootime

After a, some would say, unnecessarily long social media scheme, The 1975 have finally stopped being a mysterious and pretentious indie band and started acting like the band they used to be. After releasing three singles over the past couple of weeks, each one has brought with it a different type of stir and acceptance within the band’s fans and critics.

With the first single released out of the current threesome being ‘Give Yourself a Try’ many didn’t believe that the Manchester foursome where going to be going anywhere with this supposed new sound. Having previously been caught out for using samples from the likes of Talking Heads, INXS and David Bowie some would say this track is the ultimate steal. Listening to ‘Give Yourself a Try’ is like listening to a poppy upbeat version of Joy Division’s legendary sad song ‘Disorder’. Being a favourite track among many die-hard post-punk fans many current chart listeners may not have had the pleasure of enduring it’s incredibly similar musical pattern. That being said the track itself has many funny lyrics and does the job as a commercial consumable track that many would say doesn’t deserve to be in the same genre as ‘Disorder’.

Going even further down the rabbit hole ‘Love It If We Made It’ seemingly explores society today in an endless rhythm with earworm like notes that stick with you all day long. Looking outwards at society the second single to be released from their sheltered new album ‘A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships’ picks on society pointing out all its flaws like a bullied kid in school. Being filled to the brim with pop culture references, political sneers and a small dash of sociological theory there are only two ways to listen to this track; blind or wide-eyed.

Taking a new and fresh turn, however, is the latest instalment in their string of unrelated singles ‘TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME’. Being more of a 90s track with their typical pop flares and persistent piano playing, The 1975 sound like they are starting to branch out into new genres. The genres that come to mind, however, are ones that they have been targeting for a while and still haven’t quite hit. PC music, a little bit of house and a tad of disco are where they appear to be heading with the display of new tracks they currently have on offer. After only coming out today however it won’t be long before another group of critics come along and ether swings us all for, or all against in tomorrow’s newspapers with die hard 1975 fans adoring it no matter what song they are trying to sell.


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