Margot – Tired

South London five-piece Margot, are back with some new dreamy tunes. Following on from the strikingly accomplished opening one-two of ‘Desensitised’ and ‘Twenty-Six’, a couple of shimmering dream-pop cries on the repetitive nature of modern capital-city life and how to navigate it, the dream-pop fivesome reveal their most ambitious track to date, ‘Tired’.

Tired single

For the first time, the group’s unexpectedly airy and condensed collective sonic textures are joined by new sounds in the implementation of warm low-key synths and glistening strings. This all adds to the dreaminess and creates an ample bed for Alex Hannaway’s contemplative vocals to deliver his observational lyrics within the track. These add a layer to the already semi-complex and intuitive dreaminess of the track making it even more luscious to listen to.

On ‘Tired’ these come in the form of an overheard conversation on the subway: “Tired came from a late-night journey on the tube. I was being nosy, prying on a conversation between two men. One was expressing how difficult it was becoming with his teenage daughter, how hard it was to get any kind of conversation, how they used to be so close. He was struggling to come to terms with change.”

Making a decision to be completely self-sufficient through the creative process, Margot record over long weekends at drummer Ben Andrewes’ place, in between working weeks. This DIY approach and the autobiographical realism are reflected in the subject matter of the songs and is resulting in a personal and relatable canon slowly forming with each new release.


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