Dirty Nice – Luvin U ft. Desta French

Fresh off the press with a brand new track, Dirty Nice unveil their latest genre-bending and multicultural influenced track ‘Luvin U’ featuring Desta French. The domineering co-lead vocals of Desta French bring together the whole track like the missing puzzle piece. With online whispers, tastemaker props and understatedly massive play-counts cementing the previously mysterious duo as one of the most exciting pop acts rising through the UK scene at the moment, Dirty Nice lift the veil for this latest single.

Luvin U

Merging and mixing a polished piano with bouncy synths, soaring strings and co-existing lead vocals dripping in cool ‘Luvin U’ is a unique section of the whole new and exciting sub-genre of pop, dismissive pop. Initially, it was written in the group’s alternative capacity as songwriters for other artists – “but we liked it too much we had to keep it for ourselves.”

Emerging a year ago with a couple of murky pop tunes Keeping It Together and Zero Summer, earning comparisons to Jai Paul and Jungle, they initially didn’t send out any press releases, bios or images. Instead, they brought the focus to a series of graphic art pieces that tied in with their sounds, via telegrams. This tradition remains, albeit accompanied now with de-obfuscated photos and basic citizen info. Currently identifying as Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson (both multi-instrumentalists, with Charlie on vox), the duo built on initial successes in this mysterious appearance with a couple more singles, touching on vaporwave, RnB, Hip-Hop and more across the sonics and aesthetic.

On this first track fully in the public gaze, they’ve enlisted Desta French on co-lead vocals after being wowed by her COLORS session. Its one of the perfect summer tracks making you nod your head along to the waves of eclectic synths, strings and R&B mixes. It really does take the whole box of genres and drop it straight off a cliff and into the sea. With more and more artists taking this approach to the whole definition of genres its clear that these guys are at the front of the pack when it comes to breaking musical stereotypes.



All images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended


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