Dead Naked Hippies – Guillotine

Bursting onto the musical scene at the end of 2016 with their Pixies inspirations, Dead Naked Hippies have returned with everything post-punk with their first track of 2018. The punchy, raw and gritty new track ‘Guillotine’ has sparked the light of a new atmosphere they set out to create. The new single captivates the trio, especially frontwoman Lucy Jowett, at their most honest, the track builds on a steady release of acclaimed singles.


Taking the track from level to level like a post-punk time travelling rollercoaster it escalates opening up with a low-key guitar and drum groove, before bursting into fiery life for a liberating chorus courtesy of Jowett’s trademark vocals. This conflict of struggling musical identities echoes within the lyrics and the message being conveyed. “Guillotine is an exploration of grief” the vocalist explains, “It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life.”

Connecting the people to the music Dead Naked Hippies fuse the wires of human connections and the idealism behind musical identity to create a post-punk revolution. It’s no coincidence that the band feel so at home in their own skin on Guillotine.

“Dead Naked Hippies has always been about the connection and energy between the 3 of us and our audience, and this has become a lot more prevalent over time. We went into the studio set on capturing some intimate moments so decided it was integral for us to only record what was vital in our three pieces set up, adding minimal overdubs,” Jowett reflects from a collective point of view, and then on a personal note – “The lyrics are a release for me after personally facing a difficult past year; it’s the most honest we’ve ever been. A lot of my writing revolves around my own struggles with mental health, and as a young woman facing modern society.”

By creating a vehicle, alongside bandmates Joe Clarke (guitar) and Jacob Marston (drums), through which to express and tackle her own internal issues, Lucy and Dead Naked Hippies offer a space for others to do the same. Whilst cutting and scuzzy, Guillotine is also triumphant call to arms: “It’s so important that we stick together and keep it real.”

Received well across the board, the band have had multiple successes worth shouting about. This comes from support at BBC Introducing, as well as at key UK tastemakers DIY, DORK and the Metro, to a sold-out show at Live at Leeds resulting in a slot at the iconic Leeds Festival in 2017, and supports with Dream Wife and Mexican garage-punk heroes Le Butcherettes. This acclaim, as well as the band’s consistently improving song-writing and visceral live shows,  give the real sense of an act on the cusp of doing something special.


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