susan – Universal

Back again with an undeniable love for all things dark and strange susan’s new track, Universal is a lighter slice of the murkier form which was his debut EP acne. This lighter take on his typically darker approach to analysing popular culture is like turning over a new leaf only to just flip it back later on. Aiming to find new ways to exploit feelings through lyric and song, susan is still a very much developing artist, pretty much developing his own genre. Establishing himself in the big city and moving to London to study and create key industry contacts he has come a long way since his debut.

Growing up in a small village allowed susan to be involved with many walks of life, blending with different crowds throughout school. This allowed him to soak up varied cultures and knowledge which have not only assisted but enhanced his creative flow and need to create something of worth. With key inspiration from the village in which he grew up in, susan writes about the highs and lows of youth, especially with this new track. Being self-described as “Messy pop” he stated that the reason for the some would deem, unusual classification is “due to the scattering of love and culture open to me as I grew up”.

His new track Universal does what it says on the tin. It’s diverse way of life and dreamy use of synths and drums flow into one another to create the chilled laid-back vibes that you need to hear this time of year. Hard hitting lyrics that blend neatly into the ocean of noises help generate an atmosphere that allows the cultural points he wants his audience to hear come across in full force. He allows a space in which listeners can hear what he has to say yet still allowing each listener to have their own perception and viewpoint exploring each as the track persists.

Always having a project in the works susan is a hard-working artist who rarely does anything else other than explore what it means to be an artist like himself in today’s music industry. Being such a key player in the up and coming world of “messy pop” he is set to appear at Latitude festival next month which is a big breakthrough for the country born artist. Its set to be, hopefully, one of many, career-defining moments.  The new track is available from 1st July on all major platforms.


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