Ella Grace – Run

Being praised by The Line of Best Fit as ‘Tug(ging) at the heartstrings’ newcomer Ella Grace has just released her second single. Sharing the evocative new track ‘Run’ the indie folk artist really strips it down to basics and strums all the way to the point of her simple new track. Being her second release in her very short career so far Grace follows along a path of pain and heartbreak as she explores what it means to be a key player in a failed relationship. The track itself focuses heavily on the idea and how she is able to transition into a better self and purpose of life.


Ont’ Sofa Records has enabled her to use music to help those who need it the most. Soothing and healing the broken the 22-year-old Londoner’s therapeutic songwriting techniques is what gives her the edge making the idea and feeling of heartbreak that little bit more bearable to comprehend. Laying all her emotions and state of mind bare to all who would listen to her Grace has developed a solid style and way of life since her last acclaimed debut Here We Are Again out late last year.

Having developed an impressive online following with over 200,000 Instagram followers, the young female activist touches on aspects of sustainable living, mental wellbeing and feminism whilst sharing a very raw personal journey through her teenage years, aspects of which are firmly rooted in her music. Within ‘Run’ Grace demonstrates a state of supreme honesty and spiritual observation on 21st century life as it infuses her husky vocals. Her sheer skill and musical talent exemplifying the songwriter’s expanding talent ahead of her debut live shows and further releases later this summer.

Speaking ahead of the track’s release, Ella stated: “Run was a super cathartic song to write and record, it was a message to someone I loved. I wrote it during a time when I was really split between two worlds. Run was this promise to try and stay with somebody whilst my heart was pulling me in other directions. It was a really bittersweet time for me and I think this track captures it perfectly”.


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