Self-described as ‘Psychedelic PC Pop from SW London’ SØREN or to his friends Keane Spenle has just released his debut mixtape for free on Bandcamp. The mixtape has been a long time coming with a whole variety of ideas being put on the table every day up until the release date last week. The DOUBLESIN7 mixtape is largely based around the theme of the seven deadly sins which is something that Keane wanted to do from the start as soon as the idea of a mixtape came to light. The mixtape ranges from his personal experience with each sin as a queer musician in a very straight industry and aims to capture his power lyrically, sonically and visually often visiting dark yet humorous places. DOUBLESIN7 perfectly captures what Keane is all about by exploring each sin with a different type of genre for each track.


Right at the start, you have Ira which is Wrath kicking it off with very PC vocals and heavy bass making the track seem very impactful yet basic at the roots. Simplicity is key when it comes to Ira with it exploring the different paths and places you can go. Superbia is the second track being a whole different vibe and feeling. Its only linked together with the rest of the tracks with the almost gloomy yet strangely hypnotizing vocals from Keane himself. With this particular track all being based on Pride you start feeling the kick of the theme from the get-go. With unique ins and outs, the track itself transitions from one emotion to the other building up and down creating a very spacey feeling.

Luxuria has to be my favourite out of all of these. Its filled to the brim with different styles, emotions, feelings, love and of course the overall theme of the track lust. It makes you want to jut up and jut all the way back down. It feels luxurious in your ears and has the ability to make you feel everything. The lyrics themselves are written to perfection making them the easiest by far to sing along to. Luxuria has to be the most relatable of each of this eight-track mixtape. Greed follows lust in the form of its Latin translation Avaritia. Being a more 80s remix filled with more spacey PC noises than anything else it brings another whole new theme to the table of sins. With each track creating its own type of genre with the press of the play button its hard to categorise the type of music Keane is creating. None the less it is incredibly fresh and new. Building up and up track four really takes its inspiration from the likes of Charli XCX and her more PC pop work.

The mixtape continues with four other tracks Invidia featuring Caesar, Gula, Acedia and Doulesin. These continue to follow the theme of sins with a unique twist at the end which you’ll have to go discover on your own. Bringing into the music industry a whole new way of thinking and way of putting yourself out there, it just goes to show that Keane aka SØREN has the talent and skills to go far in what is a very very tough industry.


All images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended


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