Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade – Something New EP

Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade have crafted an ethereal retro fuzz pop record that throws us back to the glory days of 60s decorative and flowing music. While still managing a modern indie flair reminiscent of chart-toppers gone by.  Something New is just that, an EP with modern pop bangers with every track being crafted and ensembled that they could be a standalone single. Uplifting and unique for the most part the whole EP carries a signature electric piano sound and brilliant vocals.


Stoked by the air of optimism, is the best way to describe the feelings it makes you understand and comprehend as you travel through track by track. Being born and raised in a small northern CA town, Wesley Jensen’s music often reflects this small-town upbringing, heavily inspired by the people and scenery around him. After small time hit ‘Tales of a Wandering Man’ and follow-up ‘Californian’ his sound has evolved from singer-songwriter into a fully formed heavyweight of decorative folk-pop.

Creating honest and pure lyrics that simply blend the old with the new helping infuse his love for the 60s pop that seeps out of every track on this EP. A slice of modern production helps Jensen find a way to create something unique, all while remaining true to his background. He is an admirable story-teller, not afraid to let his guard down and address relatable ideas and imagery with charm and genuineness.

The latest instalment is no exception to all of the praises above. Its just a waiting game now to see how this marvellous little creature of an EP does in the big wide world. With it set for release in a week’s time (25th May 2018) is set to be a beautiful step alone Wesley Jensen’s musical pathway.


All images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended


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