Helena Deans – Phobia

Back on the scene and jazzier than ever Helena Deans is back with a kick. And a mighty powerful drum kick at that. Having released her debut EP last December ‘The Gasoline’ she has been doing gig after gig all around central London being snapped up by many a pub, open mic night and bars. Her EP was a long time coming and her latest single took time as well, like all good things. The singer-songwriter is originally from Denmark and has been working hard ever since she moved to London in September. Having been already compared to the likes of London Gramma the response from her debut EP was immense and she is hoping to gain the same reaction to her latest work.

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Sticking with a more jazz and funk-based feeling ‘Phobia’ really digs its nails deep into Deans’ emotions and thoughts. Her immaculate vocal range doesn’t stop and seems like it goes on forever working its way through every inch of the track. Gaining more and more intimacy as the track travels through second by second, it’s like she’s whispering all her darkest secrets into your ears. What tops this track off, however, is the change of intensity towards the end. It’s so unexpected and is something that you would think isn’t needed with a track this tense but it works. The simplicity and overall production value of the whole piece makes it work unbelievably well. You can definitely tell that this track has a much higher production value and more time and care has been taken with it. Its been perfectly handled, like a broken butterfly.

Helena Deans has a talent for having very forward and vocal based tracks that really help you discover what it means to be a vocalist and the shear range and spoken abilities they have. She chooses to pronounce some words and then really extend others to further help you as the listener to understand what she wants to get across. Compiling all her skills together to forge pure gold, Helena really makes it hard for someone to dislike this genre of music. It’s the perfect combination of vocals that just seem to bounce off one another with unbelievable transitions between the two.



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