Fiancé – Feverdream EP

Brand new and breaking the scene band Fiancé have released their brand-new EP right at the beginning of last month. After breaking onto the scene with their debut EP, Fiancé earned the Stereogum title, ‘Band to Watch’, and subsequent praise via NME.  On their new EP Feverdream the band sheds their skin dropping their bedroom aesthetic for a slightly more polished studio sound which is a bold move. This evolution allows for a more reinforced soundscape with satisfying builds that still show off where they came from.

Image result for Fiancé worms

Dealing with topics of anxiety and depression, singer Andrew Fusca’s ghostly vocals hum over drony guitars with an engaging melancholia. With the likes of ‘Wing’ tip tapping away into your brain as you try and focus on what you know and what you need to learn from the track. It lifts you up into the mind of Fiancé bringing with it the notation to carry on. The band also have the likes of Atwood Magazine stating that ‘Worms’ is “A vibrant, possessive surreality that has a tendency to feel like the soundtrack to our dreams.” The continuous noises merge together creating a lucid dream state that makes you miss your stop on the bus as you drag yourself to a 9 to 5.

Hints of more electronic sounds give the final two tracks a more unique and flavoured feel that just endlessly seem to wash over you. ‘Urn’ brings with it the noises and notations of love and loss mixing it all together with catchy lyrics that just stick themselves in your brain for the day, leaving a strange sensation once they have finally departed. The likes of the title of the EP ‘Feverdream’ perfectly sums up what the band is portraying with their sound and soul. Creating the perfect ending to a roller-coaster EP that just never seems to end…


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