GRDNS – Juniper

New kids on the block GRDNS are sweeping the Soundcloud streets with their new psych-rock track ‘Juniper’ which is the second cut from their upcoming EP out later this year via Dance To The Radio. Evolving from the largely forgotten and multi-cultural northern city of Bradford, the indie quartet ruptured onto the scene in February with dizzy, unconventional rock tune ‘Night Dance’ before heading out on the road with Husky Loops and whenyoung, drawing widespread praise in the process. ‘Juniper’ brings about a mix of genres all under one roof. One minute your thinking ‘This is a rock track, right?’ and the next your swept into the succulent sounds of a psychedelic desert that just seems to hypnotize you into its worldly elements.


Discussing the release, frontman Jacob Lyons stated, “Juniper takes influence from both the modern and vintage surf sounds with a prog/alt section at the end but doesn’t particularly sound like either. It was the first song we got together as a full band and the lyrics frequently reference the colour blue and a few of its colour palette relatives. The meaning of the song is open to interpretation, like all the rest will be”. This “open to interpretation” has created a track that follows along with endless possibilities and opportunities for you to listen to it. Owning their own blend of psychedelia, heavily influenced by Tame Impala and Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys GRDNS have already landed them support slots with acts including Stereo Honey, Sea Girls and The Pale White and they’ll be playing their debut London show in May before an appearance at Live At Leeds.


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