Hanging Valleys – Arion

Bringing themselves back into the musical game song by song Hanging Valleys made up of duo Thom Byles and Michael Phillips are back with a new track from their latest upcoming EP, ‘Arion’. The pair were drawn together through their love of soft rock, peanut butter and dreaming of bigger things as they set out on various risk-filled adventures across the country, conquering treacherous peaks and raging seas. After several near-death experiences, the pair decided it was safer to stay indoors and make sounds.

3. Hanging Valleys - Arion.jpg

Higher pitched vocals are mixed in together with electric and acoustic guitars creating a rich shifting soundscape within your head that can only be described as a crashing wave. Being the second single from Hanging Valleys forthcoming EP, the track sees the narrator fighting to conquer destructive thoughts and negative mindsets. Life can be a fight from time to time and the first step to hauling yourself out from deep water is the realisation that your thought patterns need to change.

Further speaking about the track, the band stated ‘The song title actually has nothing to do with this whatsoever, or the divinely-bred, extremely swift immortal horse in Greek mythology I’m afraid. It’s the name of the delay pedal used in the initial demo.’ The unusual drumming style on the acoustic is blended with the ambient sounds created with the striking vocals to create pulsing rhythms with captivating highs and lows. Hanging Valleys debut self-titled EP was released on the 10th of March 2017 and has been streamed over two million times. Alongside encouraging reviews and a growing fan base, Hanging Valley’s music has been gaining momentum, a sound idea that the textures and melodies crafted are connecting and capturing the attention of its audience.


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