Orchid Mantis – kulla sunset

Orchid Mantis is back with a brand-new dream filled album that has been in the works for over 2 years. The perfectionism behind the album led to a slow writing and recording process starting in 2015 and ending last year, 2017. With some tracks having been “conceived” around the same time as one of my favourite all-time Orchid Mantis albums ‘Flashbulb Memory’ and others having been written and recorded in the Yellow House studio within the last few months. Mixing and mastering the album himself, he says that the new album ‘Kulla Sunset’ is “a memory from when I was younger”.

“I’m chasing dying light through the field, where the horses graze. It’s late in the night at my grandparent’s summer house in Kulla, the Swedish country. There, the sun sets late and bright, and I follow it through tall grass, staring upwards through clasped hands.” This simple description that Orchid Mantis says perfectly sums up the album, with nature taking its own course within his every work. Using the weariness of life within every song he has managed to create a very personal version of the whole synthpop genre; that is very hard to recreate for any artists new or old.

“In sound, memories can be stitched together like a collage. There, they may create new associations and unique narrative forms. Kulla Sunset pulls from some of my strongest memories – both recent and long passed, distant details and places lost.” Creating a story is what Orchid Mantis does best with fans describing his tracks in many relatable ways, “it’s something you listen to when you want to end a good night”. Imagine relaxing with your friends after a long and adventure-filled day just bathing in the sun reminiscing about the past few hours gone by. With warm guitars and a crackling vocal atmosphere, Kulla Sunset has the ability to transport you into a whole new world of music and mindfulness.

“These songs are arranged in a cycle: Beginning in the daylight, they follow the setting sun into night and finally into the dawn of morning. Somehow, this suits my own sense of memory: In the same way light leaks into a camera, leaving impressions on the film, every instance of my recollection contains traces from the glow of memories past – perhaps most strongly from the glow of the Kulla sun,” says Orchid Mantis. His way with words and ability to make you feel and want to do things with just music is incredible. Timeless tracks just seem to blend together in a whole music mix of carefree attitudes and a primal need to do something fun with your life for once. In a world where everyone is so caught up in the routine of a 9 to 5 this album just thrusts you into a reality check, grabbing you by the arms and going “What are you doing with your life?”

Every new project created by Orchid Mantis is like a missing orange segment that someone took years ago and he just puts it back in the orange restoring a little bit of hope and love into the orange of life. Having grown his following after years and years of releasing album and EP after album and EP the following is well deserved.


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