TRASH – Bored

TRASH. A band mocked by many, even themselves a few times on Twitter, are no more. Announcing yesterday about the split on Twitter and their website they have decided to call it a day. The quartet have been together for four whole years dropping their debut EP back in 2015. This EP was followed up by a pleather of fun pop tunes and last August by their self-titled EP which propelled them into the limelight. Being hailed as one of Britain’s most exciting new bands, Dan Longmore, Tom Barton, Evan Martin and Brad Weston stated yesterday in their note to the fans that “It’s been a decent 4 years tbh (to be honest), tbf (to be fair), ngl (not gonna lie), imo (in my opinion) etc etc.”. They went onto thank Clue Records, Scott and “everyone” for “giving them something to do” and “something to keep us off the streets and out of trouble”.


Out of this sad news comes three new TRASH “hits to keep you busy” the band said in their leaving statement. These farewell tracks are some of their best work. From the droning reality of ‘Bored’ that captures what it means to be without someone for a long time and having nothing else to do. The title really does capture it, in a nutshell, to be honest with a punching riff and strikingly relatable lyrics about the world we live in. ‘All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You’ brings out the shimmering and little indie pop sounds that TRASH have become renowned for within the industry. Giving you a taste of what could have been they complete the whole little EP with ‘While You’re Mine’. This happy little track completes their music journey being the final track to be put on all music platforms. Its happy forward-looking sound is knitted together with classic depressing lyrics that instantly help identify the indie sounds they made.

Fully explaining why they split in an interview with ‘Wonderland’ magazine Dan explained that “life’s too short to continue with things you don’t enjoy. If your job gets shit, you should probably get out. If your relationship gets shit, you should probably get out. If being in a band gets shit, and if you lose direction or purpose, and if having to compete in the dark and destructive world that is the music industry forces you into a depression, you should probably get out. Don’t stay in it because you feel like you have to.” The link to the full interview is below.

Long live TRASH.

See you soon.


All images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended


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