Ellie Occleston – Splinters

Ellie Occleston has just released her debut single at the age of 18. This North London newcomer is showing off what it means to create a haunting and evocative track with this being the first chapter in her prosperous singer-songwriter career. ‘Splinters’ has been years in the making building up the confidence and vocal technique to produce such a beautiful and light feeling track. Having initially grown up on Merseyside, at age 11 Ellie relocated to Spain with her family. Facing the challenges of living abroad and having a complete change of scenery she immersed herself in music. This became the perfect outlet to deal with the changes, beginning to write her own songs and learning how to master the guitar and piano. She faced further challenges trying to persuade her family at the age of 16 to relocate back to the UK so she could pursue her music aspirations. Occleston soon got the break she had been searching for, performing her debut release on Sir Elton John’s Red Piano at Royal Albert Hall as part of a songwriting session with Michael Kiwanuka.


‘Splinters’ is the perfect introduction to the singer-songwriter’s bright talent. It shows off her ability to put her emotions into any form of music she chooses. From piano to vocals she lyrically combines the two to convey an honest assessment of a period in her life that threatened to split her whole world apart. With clear influences from the likes of Florence Welch and Birdy, she is a unique up and coming artist that appears to have been through a lot for the age that she is. Ellie Occleston knows how to make a track that can hit home and touch so many people. Her success is only set to soar with more music in the pipelines and with new and exciting opportunities around every corner.


All images found from Google Images, No copyright infringement intended


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