Pale Waves – All The Things I Never Said EP

Manchester-based indie pop band Pale Waves have released their debut EP after weeks of hype and anticipation. ‘All The Things I Never Said’ is a real 80s indie mash that doesn’t really fit with their overall look and general aesthetic. But lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie has said that “I love a lot of ‘80s artists like Prince and Madonna. ‘Purple Rain’ is one of my favourite songs of all time. But I love The Cure. I love songs that give you melodies that you can sing at any time, but within those melodies, there are things that break your heart” Known for her dark eye shadow and mysterious ways front women Heather formed the band back in 2014 with drummer Ciara Doran. The addition of guitarist Hugo Silvani and bassist Charlie Wood in 2015 helped the band secure a signing with Dirty Hit in 2016. Fast becoming one of the most promising and acclaimed new bands in the country they have worked with a whole variety of artists, including most famously The 1975; with lead singer Heather posing on the front cover of NME last year with lead singer Matt Healy from The 1975.

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This four-track piece of musical artwork takes you on a fifteen-minute journey of their life so far and what it means to be a smaller up and coming band with a large following thanks to all the right publicity. What kicks this all off is ‘New Year’s Eve’, a festive filled track that really gets down to the nitty gritty sad truth of the end of year event itself. Thoughtful choruses and the sad truth of heartbreak bring about a new outlook on the event and what a new year can bring. It really is a track to sing along and dance to with your mates on the special day. Track two ‘The Tide’ was originally released as a demo mid-2015 but has, since then, been giving a little bit of polishing but still retaining its love and charm as one of the original Pale Waves tracks.

Nostalgia plays a big part in the whole meaning and story behind Pale Waves and the tracks they craft. Some of their more recent singles have been pushing the band into new territory, creating a whole new daring ground that needs to be conquered. ‘My Obsession’, track number three, is a favourite among fans and critics alike. An emotional rock ballad that really focuses on the key elements of an 80s coming-of-age movie. Furthermore, the final track that wraps up the whole EP package that is ‘All The Things I Never Said’ is ‘Heavenly’. This track also comes from the same archive as ‘The Tide’ having also been chopped and changed around to create a more produced and punchier sound that these guys have homed in on.

This EP is only a small taste of the Pale Waves yet to come in 2018. With a massive tour underway and a full-length feature album due for release in the summer, its safe to say these guys are well on their way to becoming the ultimate goth-styled chart-topping group of the year.


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