Hanging Valleys – Fortaleza

Back again with their chilling and peaceful ambient noises are Hanging Valleys. Fortaleza is the first single from their forthcoming second EP following on from their debut EP released last March.

3. Hanging Valleys - Fortaleza

Fortaleza is Spanish for fortitude which in turn translates into the track which orientates around being strong. The idea of weathering storms and having courage in the face of adversity also springs to mind when listening to the chilling yet potent musical compilation which is their first single of this year and from the new EP. With a new music video to go with the weathering track, it sees a band of Antarctic explorers battling against huge swells, monstrous blizzards that bury their equipment and traveling through terrain with the constant threat of falling in terrifying crevasses. These brave souls are put to the test and are a testament to the fact that adversity can be overcome with a strong mindset and in this particular case, a big frost protecting beard. High pitched vocal melodies accompanied by electric and acoustic guitars help combine and generate a rich shifting soundscape that not only portrays the harshness of the real world but society as well. An unusual percussive playing style on the acoustic is blended with drumming and ambient sounds to create pulsing rhythms with captivating climaxes. Hanging Valleys previous EP, released last year captivated well over a million streams on platforms such as Spotify. Alongside favourable reviews and a growing fan base, Hanging Valleys’ music has been gaining momentum, a sound indication that the textures and melodies crafted are connecting and capturing the attention of its audience.


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