Llovers – Just Lust

Llovers released their first single of 2018 today ‘Just Lust’ it is a thought-provoking track examining perceptions within society and how the band feel disconnected with certain stereotypes within society today. Digging further into social issues, the band’s carefully nurtured lyricism really comes to the fore front in this track and with the calming vocals of Jack Brooks on show throughout, the single’s minimalist build-up slowly translates into a euphoric surge and a sparkling solo that is sure to sit nicely within the 5’s live set.

Single Artwork

With widespread backing already from big influencers, support slots with Dream Wife, Caro and VANT and BBC 6 Music airplay has been sparking initial comparisons to acts including JAWS, Peace and The 1975, Llovers are certainly ready to make their mark. Discussing the song writing process, Jack stated: “Just Lust is the sum of a deeply personal exploration in 2017 concerning how I felt within myself. I considered the effect that perception of ‘men’ as a generalised group moulded my own mental health and enforced a feeling of disconnection from a percentage of the population. Musically the track is built to replicate the thought process providing time and thought before erupting in a wave of raw emotion in a cathartic way”.

This laid-back track showcases what Llovers are able to create when enlightened with the need and urge to make music orbiting such a modern-day topic. With intense build ups and wispy vocals flowing through the whole track its hard not to just sit back and enjoy the track for what it is.


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