Pizzagirl – Favourite Song

Liverpool, the home of The Wombats, The Beatles, Circa Waves and Frankie Goes to Hollywood just to name a few. The great city is now home to, what seems to be a lo-fi pop take over with the likes of Pizzagirl’s debut release. Favourite Song is an infectious single that is a written invite into this new scene take over entering a whole new artist lead polychromatic world. The unique artist name has very little to do with Liam Brown, having no affiliations with pizza and not being a girl. However, the unique persona fits with the broad range of music that he creates. From quirky, ironic, 80s informercial-esque pop to darker and more introspective, European influenced electronica he ticks all the boxes and doesn’t believe that his music fits just in one genre. Liam is able to craft light-hearted emotional essays equal parts American East-Coast sad-indie and gloomy British wit, all delivered fresh from his Aintree bedroom. This small operation helps create the abiotic feel of bedroom lo-fi which is slowly becoming a physical concept itself. With the help of a thrown together flatpack mini studio, Pizzagirl writes, records and produces all of his music and visuals from the comfort of his home. His best mate shoots his videos and his mum takes his press shots.

Pizzagirl Favourite Song Artwork

Pizzagirl says “‘Favourite Song’ is my attempt at making a tune that would fit nicely in a Miami Vice/Blade Runner soundtrack. Lyrically, it’s themed around being nostalgic, and seeing a certain person and time through a rose tinted camera lens. Ideally listening to it in 1989 would be best, but as long as you’re cruising down the city streets in a convertible at night then you should hopefully enjoy it just the same.” Armed on stage with a single Pizzahat and laptop, Pizzagirl displays the lonesome quirks of an introvert married with the larger than life extroverted nature implied by his eccentric, zany and often pensive pop tunes. Favourite Song is out 11th January via independent label Heist or Hit, home of fellow Liverpudlian dreamers Her’s.


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