The Academic – Tales From The Backseat

The Irish music scene has kicked off the year with some good old indie rock with The Academic’s debut album being released last week. They have come storming into 2018 with their first full length release, Tales From The Backseat. Crammed with youthful power for the people of the world coming directly from rural and remote Mullingar, Ireland. Even though the album itself was recorded in LA with producer Tim Pagnotta, who has also worked with the likes of Saint Motel and Dream Car, you still feel a little slice of home and the adventure these guys have been on since starting out. Taking the band to a whole new level, their home-based song inspirations run deep through Tales From The Backseat and really showcase what it means to grow up and progress in such an area. Reflecting on youth is the key theme of the album which is even made clear from the title which many teenagers and young adult can relate to. Being driven round country roads late at night after one of your friends first passes their driving test and after only a week of driving end up blazing down the roads at 3am.

Album Art Image_preview

The lead single kicked the whole promotion for this piece off. Different is a real foot-stomping track, giving off some clear inspirations from early Killers and Foals along with some more current little indie bands inspirations like The Night Café and High Tyde. They really hit the nail on the head drawing all the right people into their musical void. Having met during secondary school the foursome found a shared love of toasted sandwiches, Nicolas Cage movie and music, of course. Their musical styles didn’t all match up but all four of them bring their own unique influences onto the table. They take inspirations from The Strokes, Interpol and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs creating a post-punk sound which has since become their signature.

Writing songs from a personal perspective the boys are very home proud even when they hated the place they still saw it as their place. That’s the same with growing up in any small rural town, you only love it when you leave it. Leaving, part in part is the reason why they have managed to get to the stage they’re at now in the industry. Having played local battle of the band competitions and playing half empty pubs to now performing play sell out shows and sharing stages with the likes of Twenty One Pilots, The Strokes, Catfish and the Bottlemen just to name a few. Their shows have gained a reputation for being explosively high-octave and have gained interest from The Independent and NME helping rise up futher.

Singles such as Bear Claws and Why Can’t We Be Friends? helped the band gain viral recognition and even being labelled as one of Irelands biggest emerging acts by Phil Taggart. The funk-infused singles have even gained significant airtime from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Huw Stephen which is a big deal for the four-piece coming from such a distant place.

Lead singer Craig Fitzgerald has said, “In a world where there is a lot of seriousness we wanted to make a record that might take people away for a minute with our music – it’s a fun record with lots of energy. We wanted it to be infectious with an honest enthusiasm which I think we achieved”.

With no track being longer than 3 minutes I feel the boys have defiantly achieved a pinnacle point in their young and fresh starting career which I feel is only set to sky rocket further. Going on tour at the start of spring their shows aren’t something to be missed especially if Annie Mac says so!


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