Lake Jons – Lake Jons

This week it’s a little sneak peek into Lake Jon’s self-titled debut album up for release next Friday via AntiFragile Music. Being their debut album there has been a lead up to the release of it via the only way modern music seems to do these days and that’s with several singles demonstrating the talent and skill the trio have. This lo-fi group have been creating a lot of effortless vocals and euphoric sounds with a whole range of vocals and instrumentation coming from all members.

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Lake Jons has been thriving in their home of Helsinki since 2014 creating quite a buzz. Utilizing atmospheric samples and their ability to create simple driving rhythms, delicate guitar progressions and lush hook-laden vocals really make them stand out that little extra from the crowded music scene of today. Every forward thinking track they have put on their up and coming album is a pillar that has created the perfect structure for the album. The idealisms that they are trying to portray are perfectly encompassed within the temple they have created. Lake Jon is all about the ancient modern mix of ambient lo-fi pop, psych, soul and folk. It’s the kind of album that could only come from a state of severe isolation and a mystical connection with the natural world.

Tracks like Colours perfectly sum up this idea. It has the perfect balance of tranquillity, isolation and intense feelings of love and hope. Steady beats and ambient sounds whisper gently into your headphones providing your ears with the escapism that is well needed in the real world. Exploring the themes of self-analysis, existentialism and human relationships is a key playing point from the self-titled debut album. This is all while the lyrics detail a quieter existence taking you into and making you understand further what it all really means. What is a common theme among the album is the idealism that life will calm down, persistent and life will go on no matter. This motif is prevalent throughout, which follows the bands’ previous two EP’s they released in 2016, Explore and Explode.

Amongst all the chaos this album presents, my favourite track has to be Like Roses. Its pure chaos and yet strangely familiar plucky attitude showcases what is needed in a song of this generation. To me it screams simplicity and minimalism yet it drops in a dose of what can only be described as ‘contemporary’ beats which bring it to the forefront of the musical world and the way it works. Its beauty and openness really show off what it means to make music and the power it can hold, create and destroy.


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