White Room – Eight EP

Back again are Brighton indie rockers White Room. The gang are here with a fresh new double EP entitled Eight full to the brim with fabulous tracks. Released via Deltasonic Records on 1st December it has already been acclaimed by many critics. DIY magazine claim it ‘Will sweep you off your feet and into the psychedelic vortex’ and Clash stating that it is ‘Superb psychedelic pop music with a touch of dirt under its fingernails’. Their new record, featuring eight songs that interlock through their lyrical and sonic themes, has already created several hit singles ‘Stole The I.V’, ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’. Sell-out shows in London and Brighton on their debut headline UK tour have only added to their success and urge to continue to do what they do.

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Guitars glow and choruses sashay, bringing together the mystical quirky, genre-bending bands such as Talking Heads and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to the heady, unruffled appeal of Primal Scream. This double EP was made for now and the current state of affairs that target our youth, whilst offering up the chance to escape from them for just a single moment. It also allows us to breath and take in and embrace all that is still fundamentally beautiful in the world today no matter how shit it gets. Eight has been created for dancing around without a care in the world or for sitting down, headphones in, looking for a new perspective on the world or the life in which you live. Either way, it has the power to make you feel something no matter how detached you feel you can get.

The final chapter of Eight, the fittingly titled ‘Circles’, signifies an end to the work but also infinity with the song itself calling for inclusivity and broad-mindedness, briefly tying together all the themes within the EP. This being the perfect track to end the well put together double edition it really shows, once again, that White Rooms know what needs to be said and what needs to be done in this ever-changing cruel world in which we live. Showcasing that their can be good times but also can be bad times.

Taking inspiration from the current social and political climate of the world and the uncertainty in which we live with, the interaction between the lyrics and themes signified by 8 hints at the real depth within the EP having touched on aspects of joy, strength, balance and power in unity. Discussing the upcoming release, the band stated: “In Eight we are offering a way to lose yourself from it all and find an escape for a moment from all the horror and pain that is happening all around us. To embrace the ability music has to take you away from the harsh realities of daily life”.

Tomorrow Always Knew has to be my favourite overall. It symbolises what White Rooms are trying to achieve in this album, bringing together all their idealisms and modern-day queries about the state of the world. With sugar shaker beats and rebellious guitar section his track is the one I would make mates listen to as it sums up what these guys are all about beautifully in one track.

Buy the EP here: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/artist/white-room


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