Helena Deans – The Gasoline EP

Helena Deans. A name you most likely haven’t heard of… yet. Being a music student living in London she has just released her debut EP entitled The Gasoline. This piece of musical work as been a long time coming from the singer songwriter originally from Denmark ever since she moved to London in September. Already being compared to the likes of London Gramma the response from this EP has been more than she ever wanted.

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Track by track The Gasoline gets more and more intermate as Helena takes you on a personal journey of love, friendship and stunning words describing the two. Undress Me kicks off the whole expedition with her wispy vocals and intense idealism about what it means to love someone. Kicking drums and poignant vocal expressions drag you through the track in as willing of a way as it transports you into her world. What tops this track off, however, is the change of intensity towards the end. Its so unexpected and is something that you would think isn’t needed with a track this tense but it works. The simplicity and overall production value of the whole piece makes it work unbelievably well, to the point where you feel like you are part of the so called ‘Undressing’ with every pluck of the fading guitar.

Her immaculate vocal range doesn’t stop at track one. Gasoline brings with it a funk based vibe with more prominent vocals that strike you down with every note. Having very forward and vocal based tracks on an EP really help you discover what it means to be a vocalist and the shear range and spoken abilities they have. She chooses to pronounce some words and then really extend others to further help you as the listener to understand what she wants to get across. Gasoline demonstrates what it means to develop as an artist in the ever-growing industry. Compiling all her skills together to forge pure gold. However, Someone Else Is Watching brings about a whole different ball park. Bringing it back to basics the classic piano and vocal combination shows you where she has come from to where she is now, as many artists start out with just the piano or guitar and vocal combination. Helena really makes it hard for someone to dislike this genre of music. It makes you slow down and relax for a second so you can just think about the world we live in and what it means to live and, of course, love.

Bringing it on to the penultimate track Sanity, which was recorded live and features the likes of Elijah Miller. The pair worked really closely on this whole EP and this track is no exception of that work. Bringing back the laid-back atmosphere that, I think many have come to love. It’s the perfect combination of vocals that just seem to bounce off one another with unbelievable transitions between the two. However, when the two do finally duet during the chorus the sound created is sheer perfection. I couldn’t find a single little fault and to be honest that may as well go for the whole EP. It’s the track that was made to be the highlight of the whole piece as it really just makes you smile when you listen to it. Being the type of track, you stick on just to have a fabulous time with your friends or to help you reminisce about the good times. It is by far my favourite as tough of a decision that was to make because I seemingly adore the whole EP.

Finally, to wrap up the whole thing is Kerosene. The strange title fits with the whole ambiance of the track creating a very shoegaze vibe that is the perfect ending. With it helping to fade the whole album out into a bliss of the unknown. The faint sounds are the perfect mix with the sound of Helena’s ghostly vocals, lighters being clicked and rain pouring down it is the epitome of sampling and what it means to take in your surroundings. It encapsulates the beauty of the simpler and that is hard to not only create but capture within a track. It truly is an incredible piece of art that I feel needs way more recognition and I feel the EP as a whole has the power to go big.



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