Niterooms – Niterooms EP

Released just over a week ago is Niterooms self-titled debut EP. This young three-piece all the way from a small forgotten mining town in South Wales called Brithdir have such a creative out look on music. They use a whole heap of beats and synths to craft gloomy minimalistic experimental pop. Using pop as a vague term as they dive into a whole stack of different textures and feelings throughout the four track EP. This mix of genre and mood comes from their comparisons to the likes of The XX, The Weeknd and Bon Iver in terms of musical style and the way that the EP is presented

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Niterooms really get their fingers into all the pies with the likes of dream pop, electronica, grime and hip hop making an appearance in this self-titled masterpiece. This blend of genres really opens up your mind into what music can be and is trying to be under many artists. I feel that some artists now days focus on the one genre so never really expand beyond the limits of the little box they put themselves into. This three-piece however really know how to merge all their boxes together to create a four-track masterpiece capable of being compared to the many incredible legendary experimental artists of our time. These guys are also wrapped up in computers and introspection that you would think limits them, musically, but oh how to just expands what they know even further. Their musical landscapes blur the lines between ambient and alternative music, imbuing their personal song writing with a boundary-pushing, intriguing sound that shifts contemporary music into different places.

Each track on this EP is an unmissable depiction of a swiftly emerging joint already gathering strong praise from the lovers of this unplace-able music. “…they’re genuinely trying to do something different without it being a challenge … it exists somehow, somewhere between grime, dream pop and ambient electronic music…” Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales.

‘Headway’ is the EPs single and is by far my favourite track on this self-titled piece. It is laced with a deep groove and lined to the end with intense and thoughtful synth textures. The percussive ticks help vividly demonstrate the shadowy production style that dominates the whole track and much of the EP itself. Vocal delivery on this song also help it progress in its own shape-shifting vocal way. It’s a cross between the delivery style you receive from The Weeknd and their own Welsh ways that tumble between spoken word and rap.

Niterooms are in-fact supported by the Forté Project. This is a new music development project which supports ten young acts from around the region. Their debut EP is the follow up to ‘Wash’, their roller-coaster minimalist pop debut from earlier this year which helped them gain the fans that they have today.

Listen to the EP here:


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