Mac DeMarco – The Coronet Theatre 2017

To celebrate his new album Mac DeMarco has been doing quite a few live shows especially in the UK. After the dust started to settle on his two sell-out shows at O2 Academy Brixton, Bird On The Wire decided to put on a whole weekend of Mac at The Coronet Theatre which was a massive sell out. ‘The Royal Macathon’ as it was aptly named attracted all sorts of people from all around the indie scene in London, with people not being put off by the fact that the Bakerloo line was shut; increasing everyone’s travel times by at least 45 minutes.


This intimate set of gigs concluded on a Sunday none the less which was still as packed with egger fans as I would imagine the Friday and Saturday were. Having never been to The Coronet Theatre I was amazed how big the venue was. The ceilings went on forever which helped carried Mac’s voice all the way up to the people in the eves and attic of the venue. Being down at the front you were able to get intimate with all the fans swaying and drunkenly singing along which was none the less entertaining.

With the whole show being kicked off with Mac’s voice introducing everyone onto the stage one by one On the Level swiftly started. Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs as the introduction for the track went on longer than normal as Mac was slowly lining up several beer cans and a half-finished bottle of red wine on top of the amps.


The 26-year old combined tracks from his latest release This Old Dog and his other albums Salad Days and 2. This blend of old and new meant that no matter what types of Mac fan you where you could always get involved. With the likes of Salad Days bringing life and happiness to the room with everyone singing along to the drunken wine filled lyrics that he was projecting into the masses.


Throughout the set the boys joked around between every few songs they would start to sing Sweet Home Alabama. Once everyone started to get into the track Mac would stop everyone and state ‘We’ll come back to that’. Sure, enough they did, every few songs they started it all up again but they never finished the track, just fading out once they got bored of the ‘ooooo’s’.


There were two truly inspirational stand out moments during this gig. One was when they performed This Old Dog. It was sung in such a way that it felt acoustic and so simplistic with everyone singing along to it and slowly swaying. What made this truly special was when people started putting their lighters in the air and phone lights. With the spotlight set on Mac and the rest of the room being lit up by lighters and torches it looked like he was singing to a sea of swaying stars.

This happened for a second time within the gig when they performed My Kind Of Women. This track was eagerly anticipated by fans and is a staple within any Mac gig. Once again, the lighters and torches came out showing a clear contrast between now and then as back in the day you would just use lighters as phones didn’t exist. The contrast created between now and then just made the track even more poignant and created the perfect slow ending to what became a whirl wind of music.


The whole set ended with Still Together but the music never stopped. A drunken white noise continued to be created by the band on stage as Mac aimlessly walked around. He took off his top and began to stand on a whole variety of objects from the drum kit to the two stacked high amps that he said where ‘very fucking wobbly’. This improvised set went on for another half an hour with many fans just leaving because they didn’t understand what he was doing. Which was a shame really as that’s what Mac Demarco is all about; improvised sentimental white noise filled to the brim with passion.

Buy the album here:


All images taken by Charlie Hall on an iPhone 6s


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