Girli, Hot Mess Tour – Dingwalls, 2017

Last night, for the first time in her career Girli sold out a headline tour venue at Dingwalls in Camden. The London based pop artist has just released a brand-new EP entitled, Hot Mess and has just finished her second date for the Hot Mess tour that goes along with it. With her happy and fun-loving persona, she hits hard on subjects such as break ups, girl and boy trouble within the 4 track EP. This can also be said for her performance last night with it being the messiest and greatest gig I’ve ever been to.


The whole set list was insane. Every track Girli and DJ Kitty did blew the room up with an electric power and an intense feeling of unity, like we were all linked together. Part of this unity was sparked early on in the night by the room, mainly full of girls, screaming at the top of their lungs ‘Girls get angry too’. There is something special about her ability to get everyone together in a small sweaty venue and feel safe and surrounded by love by all angles.

Her whole style of song and performance takes inspiration from the likes of Charli XCX, Lily Allen and M.I.A. to create her own pink filled character. She merges the concept of pop into tongue and cheek filled to the brim with sassy attitude. With songs like Not That Girl making everyone within the crowd scream at the top of their lungs something that Milly holds so dear. She really put her all into every track she performed last night.


Half way through her set she calmed everyone down and declared how lucky we all are to be able to be ourselves and just have a good time. Especially in this day in age when there can be so much hate at times. This heart felt speech was then followed by ‘Girl I Met On The Internet’ which aptly fits the topic she was discussing.  Dressed in a frilly bright pink tutu dress she instructed the crowd to sway their arms back and forth to the chorus which was a sight to behold. Especially as the majority of the crowd was also dressed in some form of pink.


This was only amplified when she jumped into the crowd getting down low, making everyone swam towards her so when the main chorus occurred everyone around her jumped up. How she continued singing I will never know as she was the centre of the mosh pit as soon and she sang ‘So You Think You Can Fuck with Me Do Ya?’. It’s like the whole room lit up and a sea of pink people were surrounding their queen with only love, praise and a shit load of sweat.


To wrap up the whole show they went off the stage and got out of all the fancy and fluffy dresses to come back on for what was meant to be one more track. As soon as ‘Hot Mess’ started the crowd rushed onto the stage and started dancing around with Girli and DJ Kitty to the point where she had to push to the front of the stage to be seen. This didn’t work so she jumped into what was left of the crowd only to be told by security to start the track again. The reasoning behind this was due to a risk of stage collapse. So, she was taken back on stage and the crowd put back in the pit and it all started over again. ‘Hot Mess’ was filled with all of the energy everyone had left and this included several mosh pits all around the room. Part of me feels sorry of the one security guard that had to deal with several hundred-people getting on the stage during the last song.

Hot Mess breaks down what Girli has been through as a performer and general human being. It shows that being herself and not giving a fuck is the best way forward and telling people to do the same at her show is the confidence boost we all need. I can’t wait to go to another Girli gig because that was the best one this year.

Buy the EP here:


All images taken by Charlie Hall, on an iPhone 6s


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