FEHM – Human Age/ Last Breath

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FEHM released their second track from their up and coming double A-side out this Friday. This set of singles is following up the success of FEHM’s debut EP which saw the band gain support from the likes of NME, Clash, DIY and Line of Best Fit. This 5-piece from Leeds have seen their profile increase ever since the release of the EP. They have performed at a number of shows and have been praised for their aggressive performances and friction filled sound palette. They are soon heading out to support Yak as well as playing a select few shows with Autobahn this November.


All of this new material being pumped out by the band is a big step forward. With the boys from Leeds using unique sound arrangements to create their staple gloomy desperation. This is all topped off with a sprinkle of anxiety and a hit of realisation about the urban decay of the age we live in.

The new track Human Age continues to play on these depressing themes, having being written about the post-truth era we all live in. The track itself heads through uncharted waters in which the outcome can seem bleak but it still leaves you with hope for the other side. Human Age is said to represent a transitional period for the band and help lead people in a time of doubt and uncertainty. With Brexit occurring and Tump gaining presidency the band and many others feel like ‘as a species we are regressing and going backwards’.

Being a more post-punk band, these guys have managed to merge everything they love about the genre into the track. Gloomy vocals and happier synths give a small nod to the 70’s era of New Wave and synthpop. This vintage nod adds to the message FEHM are trying to get across as what is relevent in the past is still relivent today which is a big shame. Its as if we are never moving forward in todays society and still have a long way to come in terms of political and cultural cilmates and learning to be more excepting.

The other track on this a-side is Last Breath. About being surrouned by people at the end of their lives it contimues on the more heavy and depressing theme the band have all the way through their current releases. Dark and brooding lyrics make the electronic synths seem too happy and false. The idea of the track being based around the ‘release you need’ and this release being ‘life’s final bittersweet moment’ is ofputting to some. For others, however, it is only the base for interesting and touching music that hits the hard subjects right on the nose.

Currently FEHM are bringing out a brand new album ready for 2018, so this double-a side is only the bridge over to what is to come from these guys.

Buy the a-side here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-age-single/id1281505542


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