Wolf Alice & Bad Sounds – The Jazz Cafe, Camden 2017

Last week Wolf Alice announced they would be doing a headline show in Camden hosted and curated by the Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. With support from the likes of Hak Baker and Bad Sounds the tickets sold fast for the event but never truly ‘sold out’. This was a surprise due to the sheer about of people within The Jazz Café when Wolf Alice started their set. The venue itself consisted of two levels with the top level being a café setting and the bottom level where all the drunken mosh pitting occurred.


Before all of the mosh pits and soothing vocals, Bad Sounds drew the crowd towards the stage with their unique groovy vibes. They generated a good atmosphere among the masses and stated ‘We are so happy with the turn out as last time we did this, 5 people turned up to support us before the headliner.’ They were then followed by a loud cheer; a raise of whatever pints people had left and then the continuation of the setlist. With unique stage presence Bad Sounds demonstrated what it means to have a good time performing your music live. Using a whole combination of instruments from the tambourine to the harmonica to using loop pedals create their music before your very eyes.


The boys performed a whole range of tracks from their new EP and their previous one too. From the likes of Avalanche which gave the crowd an organised and visually pleasing light display with every member having their own section of lights and stage as they performed. Wages, on the other hand, filled the room with bouncing music that made everyone jump around to the sweet sound of the looped harmonica. All of this was wrapped up neatly with some insane vocal ranges and general pratting around on stage like the typical indie boys from Bath that they are.


Soon after the young hyper Bad Sounds finished their set, Wolf Alice appeared after being introduced by Annie Mac herself. Performing to a really eclectic mix of people from the young and drunk to the sober and middle aged, they really attract a whole range of people to The Jazz Café. Wolf Alice kicked off their whole set with everyone’s favourite track; You’re a Germ. This was met with insane screaming from the young adolescents and the forming of small mosh pits all around the venue. Enthusiastic guitar and bass playing from the band added to the whole hype of the track with guitarist Joff Oddie standing on top of the sound system, getting as close to the crowd without touching them as possible. This lead to a surge of people from behind trying to reach out and touch him. This insane stage presence was met with cries of ‘You fucking rock’ with Joff’s response simply being a nod of the head and a mouthing of the words ‘I know’.


This was the first time Wolf Alice performed Sadboy live, from their new album ‘Visions of a Life’, which was met with rigorous enthusiasm from the audience. With everyone lulling back into the music as it took over the whole venue, for a first-time live performance it was met with an electric response. Track after track the night soon came to a close with the band being bought back onto the stage by the crowd egger for more electric grunge. They finished off the night with Fluffy a track which perfectly mixes with Ellie’s genuine haunting vocals and the power-hungry guitars on stage. Making the whole room mosh together one last night before descending onto the rainy streets of Camden.


All images taken by Charlie Hall on an iPhone 6s


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