Girli – Hot Mess EP

Girli. You may have heard of her, you may have not. But you sure as hell will hear of her in the next few years. The London based pop artist has just released a brand-new EP entitled, Hot Mess. With her happy and fun-loving persona, she hits hard on subjects such as break ups, girl and boy trouble within the 4 track EP. Her whole style of song and performance takes inspiration from the likes of Charli XCX, Lily Allen and M.I.A. to create her own pink filled character. She merges the concept of pop into tongue and cheek filled to the brim with sassy attitude.

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Every track on this EP is filled with catchy beats that combine most of the features from the many genres she fit in to. From the likes of bubble-gum pop and punk, all the way to rap, Hot Mess has it all. Tracks like Hot Mess itself got the fans going when it was released as it was the first new track to be put out there after the success of the Feel OK EP which featured the likes of Lethal Bizzle. Hot Mess was a massive shout out to the likes of the tomboy community and people who stand out from the crowd. The track picks up on what Milly herself has experienced ever since dressing how she wants to and not really giving a shit about what she does with her life. It just goes to show what artists still have to put up with for being that little bit more out there in this day in age.

The whole promotion for this EP was one of a kind. Girli got the words ‘Hot Mess’ stick and poke tattooed onto her knuckles which made for some unique and powerful EP artwork. To me that just screams dedication and love for the music she makes. Every track on this EP has its own style and personality which creates a really strong and solid message all the way through. She has been said to be ‘treading a line between catchy and deliberately discomforting’ by The Guardian which perfectly sums up what Girli is all about. She talks about taboo subjects and she breaks down what it means to be a woman right now in today’s society. It’s something that is defiantly needed right now and we defiantly need more artists like Girli to break down the constructs of being a stereotypical female.

The EP itself, overall, is insane. Hot Mess breaks down what she has been through as a performer and general human being. It shows that being herself and not giving a fuck is the best way forward. My favourite track on it is 10pm Bedtime. It’s a whole different look and take on the musicwe are used to hearing from her. She takes what she knows and turns it on its head. She still keeps that classic sounding Girli beat but shakes it up to the point where it’s a different take on what fans are used to. That’s why I love her, and you should too!

Buy the EP here:


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