TRASH – The Lock Tavern 2017

Trash kicked off their tour yesterday at The Lock Tavern in Camden Town with love and support by Vestiges and Honey Moon. All of the bands seemed to have filled the room with egger fans spilling pints on each other and letting themselves go on what was a fabulous night in Camden.

The venue itself was a small room light only by a small disco ball and small fairy lights in the shape of chilli’s that ran all around the high ceilings of the room. This cute and quirky atmosphere added to the aura within the room making every song Trash performed that little extra different. This different aura was only added to by a whole heap young male raving to the tunes being played a little too over enthusiastically. However, this enthusiasm did lead to one of the most dangerous things to do in a small venue; crowd surfing. There is something about someone being carried through a small room by a bunch of strangers to dream pop music that I thought I never needed in my life until I was a part of it. The fun ended quickly when he was suddenly dropped.


The set list for the whole gig was superb with the starting track being a classic Trash track. Bored got everyone going as soon as they hit the first drum and plucked the first string. With people shouting out ‘I’m so bored’ and really getting into the whole indie climate that the music had created. One track after the other the band seemed to just go with the flow. With some insane drumming skills and pedal work which helped carry the music all the way to the back of the tiny dimly lit room. There weren’t many breaks between each track other than a few gold one liners that linked in with a couple of the tracks. ‘Fuck Thresa May’ and some sore throat advise from the lead singer himself as apparently ‘Pizza cures sore throats’. These where some of the standalone one liner highlights of the night.


As the night continued more and more dream pop and harmonies where being created, track after track. 4 Miles and 81 where the ones that really stood out technically and from a lyrical point of view. Especially as this was the first night of the small tour, in which many bands don’t know half the songs they should. Having said this after 81 Trash ‘finished their set’ but where bought back onto the stage with a loud chant from the masses within the crowd. They finished up the night with a very un-rehearsed version of Favourite Song. This got everyone back on the hype of the night with a few crowd members making sarcastic comments like ‘This isn’t my favourite song, more like my top 3’. It seems to be a regular occurrence whenever they perform the track. But hey, it couldn’t have been a better track to end the whole night on. No matter what your opinions of the track everyone was dancing around and nodding their heads, sometimes a little too enthusiastically.


All images taken by Charlie Hall on an iPhone 6s


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