Casey Lowry – Camden Assembly 2017


Casey Lowry and a whole heap of support acts where at the well renowned Camden Assembly rooms last night. Being a small pub downstairs and a small gig venue upstairs the whole vibe in the venue was chilled out and laid back for a typical Tuesday night. There where casual drinkers by the bar talking with their mates, a heap of smokers outside filling the air around them and a small queue of people in line waiting to go upstairs into the venue; questioning whether the guy searching the bags would find anything of interest. The room itself was filled with Camden’s indie scene, typical youth ravers who looked horrifically out of place and James Kings Dad who was interacting with everyone around him.


James King and the Regals where the final support act and only support I saw last night. With James’s Dad in the audience the whole set had a little extra sprinkle of importance to it. With a whole mix of lights and way too much smoke, the gig kicked off with some insane audience involvement as many people knew the band personally and started heckling. This made the whole bands stage presents unsettled and witty at times screaming out ‘Yorkshire! Yorkshire!’ at the top of his lungs. This unsettled nature went hand in hand with the contrasting sounds that one by one and piece by piece made each track come together in a unique little setting. James King and the Regals also played some new motif entitled Yellow Jacket which, and I quote ‘Is a bit heavier than usual’. This ‘heavier’ was fierce drums mixed in with some sentimental lyrical work. Quirky riffs and vocal combos mixed together made the bouncy tunes fill the room with an electric atmosphere which was only continued by the main event.


Casey Lowry was the headline act for this Camden Assembly event. He too like many people in the audience, had recently moved to London for uni studying events management. His whole set, on the other hand was the perfect example of a pretty darn good gig. He had palm trees on the stage and a Hawaiian shirt on, from his debut music video Trampoline. This whole ‘California Brunch pop’ vibe he is so acclaimed for lived up to its message and purpose. Straining vocals with a mix of perky guitar and a dash of audience lyrical involvement made the gig feel that more wholesome and dreamy. Throughout the whole set there was a real eclectic mix of people from wanna be indies drinking and trying to sing along to two guys in hoods who looked like they were going to a rave. Dreamy filled sounds made the crowd get down to every ballad he performed even when most people didn’t know the tracks. Having fun with the set and doing what makes the happy really made the whole gig more involved especially when he played a more rock based track which was a unique take on the genre he normally goes for. But hey the best place to experiment new music is with a live audience; It got the crowd going that little bit more with everyone swaying along to the chilled rock tunes being propelled into everyone’s ears. This humble and down to earth person and his incredible band made that small venue feel stunning. He is defiantly one to keep a very close eye on.


All images taken by Charlie Hall on an iPhone 6s and Sony 5000a


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