The Foo Fighters Arms

Legends start doing really strange things when they achieve that elite status that I feel is long gone within my generation. They start making strange merch and doing secret gigs that only a small number of people know about. Another even stranger thing is that they’ve started doing is pop up pubs one of which was open in Bethnal Green for a week. The Foo Fighters Arms is a unique experience that is filled to the brim with everything Foos. It celebrates the past and the present of the legends themselves with LP’s scattered around the main pub area showcasing off each album they’ve made.


The drinks within the pub are mostly all named after the songs from their latest album. Drinks like Dirty Water and La Dee Da, for example, where all beers and lagers crafted by the band themselves. To me, they did taste a bit unusual but then again, I’m not an expert in those sorts of drinks. That didn’t stop a lot of people from getting them anyway and just having a great Saturday night. This stereotypical British pub atmosphere was heightened with the constant singing to the loud and proud foo songs playing in the background. A sudden burst of ‘I’ve got another confession to make!’ is a very common thing within The Foo Fighters Arms.


There is something about being crammed into a small pub surrounded by likeminded people all in the same place for the same reason that appeals to the masses. Being put within that situation where everyone and everything is about the thing you love is something that can warm the coldest of hearts. With every generation in this pub, it only helped me realise what it means to be a fan of such legends and the impacts that these guys had on so many people from the past and today. The whole meaning of ‘being a fan’ of an artist like The Foo Fighters changed for me when I walked into that pub. Drinking, having a good time and jamming out to every Foo’s song under the sun. It was an experience I won’t be forgetting for a while I tell you that much.


All images taken by Charlie Hall on iPhone 6s


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