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This week I bring to you a brand-new artist who hasn’t been around for long but has made a massive influence on everyone and everything she meets and sings. Jorja Smith. She is a British based singer from West Midlands who is most known for her guest appearance on Drakes playlist More Life earlier this year. Over the past two years she has independently released several singles and an extended play called Project 11 last year. She first released Blue Lights last year to Soundcloud and hasn’t looked back since. Being tipped by the BBC and Evening Standard as one of the UK’s most up and coming artists. You can clearly hear why within all her current releases and rapid gaining popularity among the main stream music scene.

Where Did I Go? is the perfect track to start to show off what she is capable of. Her calming vocals and chilled out beats really get into your head and switch you instantly into a chilled and relaxing vibe. This relatable track really gets you the groove and mind set of Jorja herself. It explains what she is here to do; make relatable music that is not only personal to her but the people who listen to her music. With catchy lyrics and a beat that just sticks with you it’s a track that hard to not remember. Where Did I Go? is based around loosing yourself in love that wasn’t real. It’s something that happens more and more in this day in age so the more you listen to the track the more and more you find yourself relating to different parts of it.

Teenage Fantasy is such an instant classic. With it holding onto the neo soul vibes of the past mixed in with a little modern jazz and garage thrown in there. It’s a real eclectic mix of a track which just screams what Jorja is all about. Everyone has a teenage fantasy that they desperately seem to cling onto no matter what everyone says or does. You get swarmed with advice and people telling you what to do all the time and its exhausting. With this track, it breaks it all down with simple beats and feel good relatable lyrics. Jorja has taken influence from Mos Def and The Streets and is being compared to Amy Winehouse and FKA Twigs. These are big claims for a small artist but if the shoe fits why not wear it.

Released this year on International Women’s Day, Beautiful Little Fools takes its inspiration lyrically and musically from The Great Gatsby. With a subtle jazz vibe that carries its way all the way through the track. It’s full of inspirational notifies that women can not only relate to but find comfort in listening to it all in musical form. It has to be one of my favourite tracks by Jorja Smith purely because she tells the story of growing up as a woman perfectly. Within the music video she is singing at the Rivoli Ballroom in London and is playing a variety of characters from different levels of society. That level of detail, not only in the track but within the video as well, really tells the story perfectly. It’s a track that has set a massive bench mark for her as an artist which I think she could smash through.

Her first ever release and my all-time favourite track has to be Blue Lights. It’s something so simple yet screams such a powerful message that is unfortunately still prominent in today’s society. With its clear jazz soul influences, she covers what society needs to do to change its path with such utter grace and power that you have no option but to listen to her. Like many the idea of changing society is a big one but, is far off. Blue Lights gets down to it and I feel for that to be her debut single it really shows what she is here as an artist to accomplish not only personally but also for the people. She also gets into the more garage genre with the consitant beat that carries out throughout the track. This I feel brings the whole ideal behind and within the track down to earth and to make it more of a track for and of the people.

Jorja Smith is defiantly one to watch as I feel she has the potential to be a modern-day influence through her own personal channel of music. She has perceived herself as an artist of the people her to perform about the unheard-of matters and day to day feelings within this structure of society. She is a writer of poetry discussing what needs to be discussed with her own youthful twist which you have no other choice but to adore.

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