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South Coast based foursome Sad Palace have just released a brand-new track to go along with their other two fabulous singles they have released. These guys are the dosage of alternative rock I feel is needed right now in the music industry. With their isolated yet power hungry sound that have the yearn to want to break out from their small-town constraints and into main stream creativity. They play each one of these singles with a sense of purpose and strong sparkling potential that just oozes with creativity and a strong beat.

One of the first tracks they released into the public’s critical eye is Rainbow Melt. This has shaken up the genre itself with a mix of Temples and Tame Impala going on within the track. This mix makes the track seem like you’ve heard it before but it’s far from it. The twists and turns within the track make it something incredible to behold to your ears as it transitions from smooth to heavy with the click of your fingers. Under the intensity of the track there is an underlay of calm and collected responsibility which is quick to change after a few plays of the track itself. It offers a fresh ideal behind what it means to both make and listen to alternative indie rock tracks. What really does it for me is the sheer perfect ending to what could have been a plain old bog standard ending. The whole fade into the screeching end is what makes Rainbow Melt a track to start all careers.

A couple of months later a fresh new idea was released in the form of Breeze. This track brings with it the same Sad Palace vibe with a hint of adventure and finding yourself among what you least expected. It brings the idea of relaxing to the forefront as that’s what a Breeze is all about. A breeze itself makes you feel fresh and like you’ve finally opened your eyes for the first time. It’s something about this track that its managed to capture this feeling into a song that you’ll always have with you. It’s like opening a can of fresh air and having it just wash over you. This wash of song just cleanses all the right places and parts of you just when you need it most. With its funky beat that make your feet want to tip tap away to the sound of the free feeling beat that Sad Palace have created. You can also hear the development and progression that these guys have created. You can hear the changes their going through as a band which is not something you get very often.

Now their latest track has been described by the band themselves as ‘Written in the spirit of loneliness that I think everyone experiences at some point’. It brings with it a new feeling for Sad Palace; sadness. This new type of approach to music really brings a whole new groovy side into their music with a hint of jazz and killer riffs which descend into the soulful gem that is Frostbeat. This play on words really sums up what the track means and is trying to get across. Loneliness isn’t what it seems and can look like complete darkness when it’s not. The track opens up a whole new ideal beyond loneliness as the band themselves go onto say ‘When the desire for intimacy with someone shapes the way you look at people around you, you start to overthink every interaction as if an encounter with a stranger could lead to something deeply meaningful, in a way that satisfies your desire. Kind of selfish in a way…’ and that, my friends, is how you write a meaningful and soul filled track.

Overall Sad Palace capture what some deem as uncapturable. Loneliness, fresh air and calm collected responsibility. These guys seem to know what’s up within the music industry and to me that’s exciting. After only three public tracks these guys have managed to capture a small audience into their insane whirlwind of a musical bubble with more new material set to come in the next few months. Part of me feels it could be for Cassette Store Day on 14th October.

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