Top 5 Albums – August 2017

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After going on for what seems like forever August is almost over. With it being the month of the last summer festivals it really generates mixed feelings in the music world once it’s over. With new music coming out all the time and people constantly posting photos from gigs and festivals it is sad that it has to come to an end once again. For me especially I’m at an age where everyone is off to uni, collage or off traveling the world living their lives. So, this was the last summer with a group of friends who I’ve been through a hell of a lot with. The end of the classic teen era in my eyes. Big names such as Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX and Lana Del Ray have really made this summer one to remember by all bringing out smash hit records. The sort that you can make or break your summer in my eyes. These hits and festivals have really made this summer the best so far with more amazing things to carry us on into the winter.

5) Busted – A Present For Everybody

Image result for busted a present for everyone

This month has had a tiny bit of a throw back in it. clearing out my room has helped me re discover a long forgotten iconic album from my childhood. Busted’s A Presents For Everybody has wiggled its way back into my music library with full force and a bucket load of memories attached. After this album was released the band split up in 2005 after Simpson decided to pursue a career being the front of a post-hardcore band Fightstar. This was then changed all around in 2015 when McFly and Busted merged together for an album and a tour. This then sparked the reunion of Busted which then turned into an arena tour and album release at the end of 2016. This album is iconic within my generation as it not only sparked the break up but contained some insane tracks. From Crashed the Wedding to Can’t Break Thru and Air Hostess to Over Now every song seems to have its place. For me the top track has to be the soundtrack for Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds Are Go. I know all the words and it’s something I used to love singing along to as a kid. Playing over the summer has only made me and my friends more excited about the ionic tracks of our childhood.

4) Joan Jett

Image result for joan jett i hate myself for loving you

Now this is another classic artist coming in at number four for this month. I’ve been playing a lot of the I Love Rock N’ Roll album I have on vinyl this month and a couple other classic Joan Jett tracks. She is an iconic woman having started her career back in 1975 and still creating the thing she loves most to this day, music. Joan Jett is also the front women to the band Joan Jett & the Blackhearts who sung the infamous I Love Rock N’ Roll which was a classic as soon as it was released back in 1981. This band also released my all-time favourite track I Hate Myself For Loving You. It’s such a feel-good track that is a complete mood changer. One minute you could be happy within your whatever relationship the next you hate them and feel good about it because that’s what Joan Jett gets. You can go from hate to love in a split second, all it takes is for one fuck up to occur. Another more common and well-known track especially back in the late 90s is Bad Reputation. This was popularised in 90s by a TV show called Freaks and Geeks as it became the insanely popular soundtrack to it. I have to say this is another track that I love to bits.

3) Lily Allen

Image result for lily allen smile

Another small blast from the past is Lily Allen. She wasn’t a big part of my life as a kid but everyone seems to know most of her ionic tracks. After my friend continuously played her tracks for a whole day I was almost forced to download some of her iconic tracks. Smile and LDN from the 2006 Alight, Still album are some of those classic feel good tracks. The type that make it seem like happiness is the only emotion at there worth feeling or spending time with. It’s such a relatable album that is a classic in anyone’s eyes, especially mine. Not Fair is also a rediscovery for me which is realised after many years of not listening to it I still know all the lyrics as well as Hard Out Here which is still relevant to today’s society. For me however my all-time favourite has to be Smile. I know, but it’s just personal preference at the end of the day.

2) Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

Image result for dua lipa album

Brand new on the scene and taking the world by storm is Dua Lipa. She has just released her debut album this month which is smashing records as we speak and giving the world some fresh and free advice on how to live as a strong independent woman in the modern world. She never seems to fail as every track is put to an even more powerful music video surrounded with a whole mix of women. The shear representation within her videos and her music never ceases to amaze me the more and more I listen to them all. From the mega hit of New Rules that inspired a whole generation to get over their exes to Last Dance which is the track that started it all off for Dua Lipa. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) is the track that really does it for me. It’s such a classy track that just seems to be so sassy and right in all the best ways. With lyrics to die for every track on this album is insane. It’s the confidence boost with a side of reality check all in the same place. It’s well needed in this day in age with the world becoming more and more of a confusing place by the day.

1) Rat Boy – Scum

Image result for rat boy scum album

At the top for this month has to be the one and only RAT BOY! He has projected himself further and further into the main stream world of music with a headlining spot on the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festival this year he really has sky rocketed. From the small EP’s like The Mixtape he used to put out on SoundCloud to the day Scum, his debut album, came out I have been a massive fan. He raps and sings about what is right and wrong in today’s world and it couldn’t be done to better beats. The tracks that stand out for me on this debut LP has to be Laidback and Move which were released previously as singles before the album itself but the track that tops them all off has to be Revolution. It speaks to the people and makes so much sense. The beat, the lyrics, the concept for the music video and the way he and the rest of the band perform it live all add up to an insane track. Learning all the lyrics to this track wasn’t hard, in the slightest!

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