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Leeds psych trio The Boxing are back with a brand-new track. These guys have added a sprinkle of light into the typically melancholy tunes that they normally adore making into the new tunes. They have chosen to embrace the colourful potential of their psychedelic embellishments that have aided them to create such a unique track. Being compared to the like of The Vryll and Eagulls, The Boxing have come pretty far this past year with producing four tracks that have got them all the right attention. With DIY saying they ‘deliver a knockout blow’ and Clash saying how they are ‘Fizzing and crackling with fresh ideas’. Fresh and free feeling, in my eyes. Being the perfect addition to the music scene up in Leeds, The Boxing are only adding to the already blooming alternative psychedelic renaissance.

This renaissance all kicked off when One by One took off as a track and became the melody these guys where known for in the big bad world. With every ounce of shoegazing dreams being poured into this track it really is one of a kind. Reminding me, especially of early Wold Alice tracks merged with a sense of determination and simply wanting to get shit done. This idealism is carried through the track by a wave of nostalgic sound and energy that simply understands you and the ideas you have. It’s an incredible piece of work and really shows off what it means to merge punk and psych together into a lyrical meaning. One by One really gives a fresh meaning to the word tense as they just seem to shape it into something that not many have heard of before. A light tense feeling to sooth the mind. Creating such a high standard has meant that their latest track had some much bigger shoes to fill.

The Boxing’s latest track entitled Tame is, as the song suggest, a little tamer.  As lead-singer and guitarist Harrison Warke elaborates: ‘Most of our songs are written in a darkroom without windows, but a hint of light managed to creep into this one. There’s a bit of sweet among the usual sour.’ This new idealism makes for a unique spin on the whole punk psych deal they had going on in their previous tracks. The whole trio have started to expand their minds in a new musical way which, so far, has produced a fresh and expansive track. Drummer Charlie Webb and bassist Henry Chatham complete Tame by adding in invigorating and new sounds that make the listening experience that more chilled. Tame really is the tiny speck of light in the dark which I feel every band needs as much as many would hate it.

Overall the psychedelic idealisms and causes The Boxing stand for are perfectly presented within the music they love to make. Nothing appears to be a challenge for these guys as they carry on through the theme they love and depend on into every track they create; dark psychedelic flourishes in all shapes and forms. Now if you want to see these ‘flourishes’ then The Boxing are performing at Mabgate Bleach in Leeds on 8th September. It’s not to be missed if you can make it. I would kill to see some dark and psych beats on a Friday night!


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