White Room – The Blue/Tomorrow Always Knew

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Brighton indie rockers White Room released some brand-new tunes last week in a brand new double A-side entitled The Blue/Tomorrow Always Knew. This is the second lot of tracks taken from their up and coming EP Eight being released later this year. The EP is going to be a collection of tracks that link together conceptually, combining themes such as forward thinking, hope, positivity and escape. These themes are also heavily evident in this A-side and carry on into White Room’s concept of music making. These guys have been around this summer doing the rounds at festivals such as Isle Of Wight, TRNSMT and The Great Escape. They are also going to be heading to Reading & Leeds next weekend and touring with The Vryll Society for a few dates on their October tour.

The Blue is a very 60s psychedelic sounding track filled with feel good moods. Power hungry guitar riffs really take over the track at the start with vocals pushing on through to the front as the struggle for dominates continues throughout the track. It really provides nostalgia at its subtle finest with references to Pink Floyds Writing on the Wall within the track. Full of energy and vibrancy that is welcomed with open arms, The Blue really gets your head going; physically and mentally. With guitar riffs coming out of the blue and from all angles it really showcases what these guys are here to accomplish. Heavy rock influences are the main driving force for this track which is something that many bands loose half way through; not White Room. The sheer amount of energy these guys put behind the track speaks to the listener on a personal level. I would imagine even more so live.

Tomorrow Always Knew is a more nostalgic track with a heavy nod to the 60s influences in The Blue. This has to be my favourite out of the two. It brings with it a whole different set of rules and ways of life which I find more soothing and comparable to the life we all live now. It makes swaying along to the music mandatory and something communal among the masses. Predicting the future one pluck at a time, Tomorrow Always Knew is the track that always knew. Every little step you take further and further into the song the more it takes you into a world of tomorrow leaving today far far behind. It definitely collates what it means to be a forward thinker and hold a sense of unity in a time when unity is a word being used less and less. This track brings a strong message of thinking about what tomorrow will bring and not what the past will bring back up. The have captured what it means to be a rock n’ roll band in 2017; I fucking love it.

Overall these guys sum up what it’s like to be in this current social and political climate. With the threat of being threatened constantly at your door step. They mix classical guitar with the synths from the 70s in an unlikely merge of worlds. The Blue/Tomorrow Always Knew offers escapism and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Buy the singles here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/white-room/id1119375590


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