Trash – Trash EP

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This has been a long-awaited EP for both me and all of Trash’s other fans. I have loved their music ever since their first single came out so this is pretty exciting. This EP was released last week via Clue Records with a couple of their classic summer jams featuring on the EP. Trash has attracted the attention and praise of some big names such as DIY, Line Of Best Fit and Huw Stephens from Radio 1 over the past month or two. Along with not only being compared to The Magic Gang and The Night Café but also touring with Clean Cut Kid and RATBOY over the past year which has helped get their name out there. Their insane stage presence during these gigs have made them a support act not to ignore in the slightest.

Track number one was one of the singles the band previously released prior to the EP coming out so this track has gained a lot of attention. Migraines has become the star of the EP when it comes to ultimate summer jams. With its upbeat and happy outlook on life, Migraines is the ultimate sing along track that gets you going even when your alone. I would image this track would be insane live with its insane beat and occasional oooo’s. Not to mention the insane guitar from vocalist and guitarist Daniel. He really hits the spot in terms of creating an indie pop staple solo mixed in with a little electronica at times.

Make Up Your Mind is next up with its chilled synths and creative sounding vocals that really hit a spot that you never really knew was there. Being more of a middle track it creates a balance between all the more pop tracks that is well needed. It carries with it a couple of top solos from each member making it a little bit of a showing off track from the boys themselves. But hey every EP or album has one. With more solos, less vocals and more of a focus on the instruments, it really gives you times to apricate what the boys are making here. Little indie tracks that hit the spot just right. This might have to be my favourite track out of them all.

Another single they released before the EP came out entitled 81 was a massive hit among the masses. With, to this date, 39.7k plays on Soundcloud it’s one of the more popular tracks. 81 has been rammed with everything Trash are good at. With perky guitars sprinkled all over the track and a classic sounding selection of drums on offer it gets you going for sure. It’s one of those tracks perfect to listen to when traveling around. With the whole sense of unorganised life events and general sadness towards having no idea what to do in life. I find it horrifically relatable to my sad little life.

Number four brings with it tense solos on guitar and drums beats that sore right through you as if you were listening to them live. It really gives you the dream pop fix that you’ve been needing for a while. Its fresh and funky and has to be one of my favourite slower/less known tracks by them by far. It’s just so simply in your face and makes you go out and make everything better. This is one track that I am dying to see live just so I can see the incredible guitar solo and watch the crowd freak out to it. It’s bound to be a sight to behold.

Lastly on this five track EP is Favourite Song. The title could not be more perfect and significant to just about everyone who’s ever listened to some form of music. Everyone has a favourite track but some, like me, just can’t pick one some have a whole playlist of favourite tracks. You always play that one song or playlist when you feel like shit and this is what this track is all about. It gets to the point and really helps you figure out what’s wrong and what you need to do. The key feature of this track has to be Bradley’s insane drumming skills that make the track what it is. Combining that to the lyrical genius that is Trash themselves it really makes for a memorable track. The perfect mix to end an EP in my eyes.

Overall these guys have delivered what the fans wanted. A perfect little summer based EP filled with fixing shit and figuring yourself out. It’s nothing short of perfect. You can catch the band around UK throughout October with two gigs in London right at the start. Something you defiantly need to go to if you have loved every single track on this EP.

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