Bel Heir – Washed Up EP

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Introducing to your ears a brand-new band for me and most likely for you. Bel Heir. These guys gained the attention of the public a couple of years back with a very unique and creative campaign. They released two singles a month in a classic A-side/B-side format for a whole year back in 2014 with the single Kiss The Devil gaining over one million Spotify streams. This hype ended up getting the guys a plethora of tours with a variety of different artists including Neon Trees and Joywave. In 2015 they signed a publishing deal in and haven’t looked back since. They’ve been rediscovering their indie rock roots resulting in a rebranded sound with much more power, hunger and a need for tense guitar. With this Washed Up EP dropping last month this is only a small snippet of music out of the 100+ songs these guys have written over the past few years.

Track number one entitled California High brings with it a unique sound and rhythm. With the whole track starting out like an interlude, the pace quickly picks up and starts to create the best feeling. With their beach and new found alternative vibes stashed in their belts Bel Heir show off what they’ve got right from the press of a play button. It’s a very summery track in my eyes with a hint of rebellious teen thrown into it. It very much reminds me of some of Rat Boy’s less rap heavy tracks mixed in with Circa Waves. It’s the perfect mix of genres and vibes to create what they set out to make. California High really brings out the teen in you and makes you feel young and stupid all over again. Well in my case it’s just plain relatable on a daily basis. What sells this track to me and makes it my favourite is the transitional period at the end of the track that just slowly fades away into the distance.

Number two on this six track EP is the title Washed Up. This is a more chilled out and ‘relaxed’ track in terms of heavy drums and guitar. The best way to describe this track is that it’s like a magician with little tricks up every sleeve. The band themselves describe the track “Washed up was written about the introduction to the “real world.” From teenager to Adult. Seeing things as they are and not as they used to be. It’s about the coming of age and realization that not everything is as it seems.” I couldn’t agree more with the whole ‘coming of age’ and ‘realization’. It’s a key element of the track that seems to be there from the get go as the song goes along on its merry way down to adulthood. What makes this track stand out even more is the guitar and the way they just seem to ride it all the way through to the end of this short but powerful track.

The final track that stood out for me is number four, Sunny Days. It offers a fresh feeling to music and an element of teen day to day life not knowing what the fuck to do in any situation. It’s a summer track, clues in the name really, that brings a chilled beat and beers to the BBQ. It’s so chilled out to listen to and has slight elements of homemade music to it with some rougher edges towards the end. The whole fading out of each individual instrument as its slowly broken down as Sunny Days ends. When I put it like that it sounds quite poetic if I’m honest. But that’s what these guys are all about. Track by track they have become song writers of the now and performers of the future.

Overall this EP is just a snippet of what these guys can do and will do in the future. So, I suggest you go and check out the three other tracks on this EP which will bring you right back down to earth only to throw you back up again into the space they like to call music. Ones to watch I’m telling you now.

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