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This week I bring to you West London’s Weird Milk! These guys have recently released a brand new single last month which has been a pretty good hit with not only their fans but the rest of the world too. With DIY calling it ‘full of swooning 50s lilts’ and DORK stated that it was a ‘love-song-of-sorts’. This is track is the second release with Camden based label Ra-Ra Rok who have been documenting the vital, youthful South London indie scene. They are a pretty popular label in the music scene around Camden. Weird Milk have captured the imagination of Huw Stephens from Radio 1 and John Kennedy from Radio X with their tracks being played. They have also received support from Spotify and Vevo which have helped streaming numbers soar ready for this brand-new single.

Firstly, let’s stop, look and listen to their debut single set, or the side A for that matter called This Close. This was part of a set of two and released a couple of months back this year on a 7” black vinyl. This Close is a fabulous 80s inspired sound filled track. It’s got amazing Tears For Fears feelings all the way through it, especially the guitars. The vocals, however, remind me of Martha and the Muffins famous track Echo Beach. It’s an uncanny likeness but it’s what makes the track stand out for me. Also, hence why This Close is my favourite out of the two tracks. The whole flow and feel of the track just calms you right down. It’s as if it’s got magic healing powers which somehow make everything seem less depressing and cynical. This acclaimed debut single from Weird Milk carries with it fuel to their growing live reputation. As more recently they have been performing at The Lock Tavern, Moth Club and many more venues because if the success of the debut single.

Now this new track entitled All Night is the most satisfying wavelength to look at on SoundCloud I have ever seen. It’s like a little rollercoaster for the music to travel up and down to. All the way up and into your ears. This vintage hooks and harmonies filled track throws out sounds track can give you Goosebumps from the get go. It’s such a laid-back track that has an even more retro feel to it than the 80s theme of the previous singles. Each guitar riff bounces off one another creating such a beautiful retro groove that is hard to fit into one era of music. It’s this uncertainty and mix of velvety noise that makes this track stand out from the rest. The sheer talent that it projects is enough to bowl any music fan over. It’s such a poetic and beautiful track that its hard to explain at points. It just goes to show what Weird Milk have in store for the future!

Overall co-lead singers Alex Griffiths and Zach Campbell once again combine infectiously whilst shrill guitar lines and serrated bass rhythms bounce off of one another to create the ultimate mellow track. They are a melodic relief in the chaos, noise and the current global political fiasco. Sweet sweet relief.

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