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This week I bring to you a sisterly duo called Frances Rose. This New York City double act have just released a brand new single full of indie pop vibes and empowerment. These guys have been making music ever since they were small. With music in their DNA these sisters have mixed 80’s inflected synth-pop, 90’s grunge and minimal experimental beats with their own powerful vocals to create some insane music. Over the past year they have released 3 singles the first of which ‘Vampire’ got to the top of the Electronic Music Compilations on iTunes a few years back. Billboard even said that “The duo has succeeded in creating the rare positive dance track that reframes the chase by building rather than degrading.”

Onto their first ever single Vampire. This alternative pop track really gets you going in terms of electronic sounds. It’s a very modern sounding track that reminds me of more 90s electronica music from my childhood. It’s like every track I ever listened to as a child merged into one song. It’s a more unique and chart sound which I think is what makes it stand out from all the other electronic tracks out there. The steady beat and the chilled-out vocals really make for a soothing track that makes you want to sway to the beat of the music. Throwing yourself into this track no matter what mood you’re in is what makes it so good. Happy or sad. It’s a track for every type of mood which is another thing I love about Frances Rose. They also seem to leave you wanting more of their music which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest!

Out of all of their tracks this one, so far, is the biggest hit. Dangerous. This is a very pop based track that really gets you going. It has elements of The 1975 and Peace within it which I most likely why I love it so much. It’s a creative take on what’s popular right now which I love. The whole concept behind the track is also so relatable and of the times. It’s just a very nostalgic track that has amazing vocals and beats behind it that create a whole different persona around the more previous electronic track. Dangerous also has insane lyrics that stick with you for days on end. I’ve already caught myself singing the chorus over and over again ‘something dangerous’. It’s just such a catchy track!

Now onto the latest track which is hands down my favourite of all of them. It’s such an uplifting little indie track all about agency, resilience and not being afraid to feel empowered in your own skin. The whole message around such a fab track only adds to the appeal of it. Frances Rose said that “One of our favourite things about New York City is the freedom and the ability to walk up to a stranger, find common ground, and connect. In our age of technology, people are becoming progressively more afraid of direct contact. This song is about embracing physical human contact and your sexuality. There’s nothing more empowering than exuding confidence through body language. We wanted to write an uplifting anthem about not being afraid to go after what you want.” I couldn’t agree with them more on that as it took one listen and I downloaded it. The deeper house genre type beat and the more Lana Del Ray vocals had me hooked from the start.

Overall this amazing group have a message to get across to their audience and they are doing in the best format, music. As they have stated I agree with Frances Rose that the more you embrace yourself the better the world will become, day by day and tune by tune. If you adore their tracks as much as I do and live in NYC they are performing tonight at Mercury Lounge in support of Grace Mitchell. These guys will also have a brand new EP out by the end of the year through the Lower East Side based 169 Music LLC. Something else to look forward to!

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