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With their debut album entitled Certified Freaky due out next year let’s take a little look at April Towers current singles. This British electro duo have been away from the main spotlight these past few months polishing up their debut album but have recently released a brand-new track, Takes One to Know One. This single comes along with a long little line of singles and EP’s released over the past few years. “After the successful release of a number of singles, we felt the time was right to get in to the studio and make an album, a record we are incredibly proud of and feel is the next stepping stone in the April Towers story. Having an extended body of work is something we have always aspired to, so the fact that it’s nearly a reality is incredibly exciting to us.” So, without further or do, take a little listen.

One of their latest tracks is entitled Get Recovered is a Radiohead type electronic power track. It really screams 80/90s club mix as I would imagine walking into a wall of thick smoke in a club somewhere downtown Brixton back in the day. It’s a real eclectic track with a whole variety of beats and noises all blended together to form the ultimate musical mix to satisfy any of your music needs. Get Recovered is a banging track about getting yourself fixed after some bad times. The boys themselves said that “It is about saying enough is enough. Time to sort this mess out.” Which I totally get when you just lay back and let the whole mix wash over you like fresh lemonade mixed in with the second-hand smoke from the beer garden. It’s like a track out of Trainspotting and I love it.

What I love even more though is their latest track Takes One To Know One. This is a full-frontal electro pop track that really gets your feet tapping and your hips swaying around. You can definitely hear the Pet Shop Boys and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark influences. As April Towers make timeless music with one eye on the present and the other looking far ahead into the future. Like really far into the future. These guys have really got down to the groove as they have really found their calling within the electronic based industry. They have also found their style within the genre making it that little bit different and more inviting to listen to. I have to say if this is their opening single to the album then I can’t wait for what they have up next! It’s a super exciting time for these guys.

Overall these guys are the up and coming electronic fix you’ve been looking for. They even recorded their album at Soho’s legendary Dean Street Studios in the same room David Bowie recorded Diamond Dogs! How insane is that. Be sure to check these guys out live as they have a couple of dates out now and more to come further on in the year.

Buy the singles here: https://www.musicglue.com/apriltowers-1


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