Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams Tour, Cardiff 2017

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I have been a lifelong Coldplay fan. Ever since I was a kid I would dance around my room singing away at the top of my lungs to Yellow on vinyl. It’s been a dream of mine to see them live and yesterday that childhood dream came true. I went to see Coldplay in Cardiff 12 July 2017 and it was amazing!


To start out with they had two support bands that played before Coldplay themselves came on. The first being a London Grammar type band called Lyves. I really loved these guys as even though few people knew their songs. They did really get the crowd going and are a band for any Kate Bush or London Grammar fan. They hit the support band spot when it came to early evening chilled out performances. The second support act was called Embrace. To my surprise I knew quite a few of their tracks which made the whole event that little bit more hyped up. I was stood next to a guy who knew all of the words to every song they performed. It was a beautiful sight to behold I tell you that!


Once the supports had finished and the mass of technicians had cleared the stage of all of the equipment a very bright bunch of instruments where revealed. All of the colours you could think of where there in the form of badges, pins, stickers, paint and best of all a whole bunch of flowers. They came out in full force when they did eventually come out. With a small interlude section being played at the start of the gig which slowly got the crowd going. They all came jumping out and the crowd suddenly switched on as the whole Principality Stadium cheered, clapped and jumped around.


It didn’t take long for all the Xylobands to come to life, shining light to even the top sections of the stadium and adding something special and unique to the whole event. There is something about 70,000 people all singing and glowing together which makes you feel like one massive family. It’s a unique experience I tell you that!


They played all types of songs from classics from way back to even their latest song Something Just Like This featuring The Chainsmokers. One of the first few songs they did was A Head Full Of Dream and it made the whole stadium feel electric. With everyone of all sorts of background and ages coming together to sing a track that just brings everyone into one. Coldplay then sang Yellow in which every single thing in the stadium was turned yellow. The smoke, the Xylobands, the lights and even the balloons that were thrown out into the crowd at various points. Young and old sang along to the track and Chris even let the crowd take a few choruses for ourselves which I feel only adds to the whole experience.


Every Tear is a Waterfall was the next tune in which a tonne of bird shaped confetti was projected into the crowd. It was the most beautiful sight to behold with everyone reaching up to touch the bird shaped paper floating down into the standing crowd. It was nothing short of magical as the beautiful array of colours where projected into the air just at the bass dropped for the last verse. The whole timing of the Xylobands and the confetti was insane and timed to perfection.


Everything was then bought down a tone when the band all got together and played The Scientist. Never have I seen 70,000 people all simmer down, sway and sing along to a more perfect song. There were no loud fireworks, confetti or screaming. Only the band, the instruments and the tender loving ears of an adoring crowd who were getting all of their dreams ticked off. Well I know I was.


This chilled out crowd didn’t last long as the band broke into a hyper active version of God Put a Smile on Your Face and everyone started clapping along to the sound of the tunes. It just goes to show what an incredible band they are if they are able to go from slow to fast pace with the tap of the drums and a pluck of the guitar. The whole crowd can change in an instant.


Paradise brought with it more electrifying noises and beautiful butterfly graphics being played behind the band as they performed. It was as if they were in some sort of butterfly enclosure! As the crowd sang along the happier the atmosphere got as Coldplay know how to make a good time using nothing but music and a love for what they do best.


They the proceeded to do a few of their slower songs from the Ghost Stories album. With the likes of Magic, Always in My Head and A Sky Full of Stars being played on a smaller section in the middle of the standing crowd. It was incredible to see a whole crowd to grab the people they love and sing along. A fair few people started crying when Always in My Head was performed. It was the most beautiful sight to behold. The whole simplicity of the song and the la ums whole meaning was not lost when it was performed I tell you that. A kid was also taken out of the crowd to play Everglow with Chris but he was joking around and said he ended up wanting to perform it himself. Both the guy who came up on stage and Chris performed it beautifully and many people just watched with hope in their eyes. The entire stadium sang along with phone lights on and up in the air. It was a sea of bright white lights among the piano keys.


What had to be my favourite part of the whole concert though was Fix You. It means so much to me and Chris Martian ended up messing it up! He missed his queue so he had to start again. When he finally got it right all I could do was cry and sing my little heart out. It was so beautiful to hear a whole stadium of people sing my favourite Coldplay song. It’s a dream come true and it meant so much to me. Well, it’s not every day you hear your favourite song being performed by 70,000 people, is it? It was something that I will no doubt ever forget.


After a lot more fireworks, confetti and some of their more recent song the whole event came to an end with the welsh national anthem. This was sung by Coldplay, two other singers who I didn’t know and none other than Rob Bryden. That for me topped off the whole night. Its save to say that the welsh know how to sing their hearts out!


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