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Today I bring a fresh helping of alternative grunge for your ears. When I mean fresh I mean it was released last week which in my eyes still makes it pretty fresh. Forever Cult are a fuzzy grunge pop band from the best parts of Leeds. They create ear splitting tunes that travel right through your ears to your toes. This three-man band released a brand-new EP last week entitled Homewrecker and it has received a pretty good reception after being publish via Clue Records. They’ve received radio play from the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1 and have been a part of BBC Introducing as well over the past year. These guys are also no strangers to diving into the more dirty and punk end of the grunge genre with this EP showcasing exactly that.

The first track called Glass Eye does exactly that. With riffs to last a generation and drowning vocals that really get into your ear drums. With elements of a more dream pop vibe at times that makes the track that little bit more light and airy under all the hard-core exterior of the track. Not only does Glass Eye have insane guitar movements but also a really catchy beat that sticks in your head for days on end. It’s as if this track never truly leaves you alone which most are okay with. It’s amazing to have such an intense track that’s grunge and punk and everything hard core but still makes you feel at home. Even when the backing vocals of this track sound like screamo music when by themselves.

Track two brings along with it a more alternative rock vibe that shows a little twist to the whole genre and persona Forever Cult are trying to obtain and maintain for that matter. See Thru is the title of this track and it brings with it a pretty clear way of thinking and music vibes. With an unbelievable guitar riffs that are to die for. It’s just riff after riff after insane guitar riff. What adds to it all is the repetitive lyrics and vocals that only seem to amplify the sheer power and force these Forever Cult put behind the track. See Thru is bursting at the seams with more and more to offer the more and more you listen to its teen angst and alternative nature.

Next up is Codeine which I have to say is my favourite track on this EP. It’s so all over the place and outlandish in places that you can’t help but fall for it. It’s not the track for everyone but it really showcases what it means to love music and what you do. Codeine is a mix of all of the genres that these guys fall into in one track and its nothing short of a tight arrangement that seems to just never end! This track is also one of a few on this EP that you can sing along to with a teenage like drama in your voice and a fed-up face on. It just makes you feel rebellious after listening to the first few notes, it’s that good. Codeine turns the good bad and the bad bader. I love it!

Track four brings with it another one of my favourite tracks, Is This a Bad Time? It’s a real indie grunge track that floats through your ears with the occasional passionate guitar and solid bass that carries it all the way through. It’s the slow track on the EP that really gets down and slow at some points really making you think about the music itself rather than the fast tempo of the other tracks. Ever EP has a slow song and this track does that un-written rule justice to a T. Consistent drums and slightly washed out vocals really brings this track to the for front of music and what it means to make a slow track but still sticking to your musical morals.

The final track on this Homewrecker EP titled Distant is the longest track and does it a proper job of being the final track on the EP. With hard core guitar that’s performed with a love for music and the alternative genre. It’s a mix of everything these guys stand for and what they love the most. with harsh drums and floating vocals Distant really carries you to the end of the EP with both hands. Is the love and almost caressing nature of this track which makes it that little bit more unusual to listen to. As Forever Cult are renowned for their hard tracks that get down to it this is the breath of fresh air I was on about. they really break down each genre and make a meal of it. It’s nothing but a perfection in a track.

Overall these guys are here to re write genres and what it means to throw together an alternative rock track. they put all the ‘modern chart music’ to shame with the sheer power and force as to which they perform and present their tunes to the public. Forever Cult are a forever cult and they are definitely a band to watch out for in the future with the ability to make a whole crowd sway with their music and sweet sweet beats.

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