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Ever felt that you lacked some music to just chill out to on a warm summers day like today? Well look no further as this new-found artist has the tunes for you. Martin Luke Brown is a London based indie folk hybrid artist who has recently been signed to Manchester indie label LAB Records. He has released a fair few tracks on a previous label and is starting to bring out new music on this one. His latest track entitled ‘Into Yellow’ brings a fresh take on Bon Iver’s new found electronica style creating a whole new buzz around his music. That also contains a juxtaposition towards his short and ever-expanding career which I love. He is all about creating good vibes through music which look you into a feeling of comfort and content with what you hold near and dear to you.

This first track I have picked out is called Love Me Sober. This was the track that got Martin out there and really noticed for what he loves to do; music. This stunning track really overwhelms the listener and makes them contemplate what it means to be sober and lose yourself. It’s a relatable track as everyone at some point has lost themselves and has felt unbarring loneliness whilst trying to rediscover themselves. Love Me Sober carries definite Jon Bellion and Tom Walker characteristics that help the true meaning of the track hold a modern theme close to it. Listening to this track over and over again can only make you a better person as it makes you think about your wellbeing and what it means to be you. Being you and human is unique to each person and that is what this track does best; relate to the uniqueness within each person.

Next up is Shadow and Light. This, for me, is a more jazz inspired track with the consistent clicking and quirky little piano that adds a little smirk and tongue and cheek to the track. With its pure message comes with his pure vocals which help the powerful message of love come through to the for front. Shadow and Light takes you to the best type of church. The type that sends chills down your back until you start to feel all the positive emotions again. What makes this track is the gentle lick of the guitar every so often which really completes it as a whole package of joy and hope. It has to be one of his favourite tracks due to its ability to lift you back up and push you on through the bad times all the way to the good.

His single after that is the acclaimed 65 Roses. This is an insanely beautiful track with one of the best intros I’ve listened to in a long time. It carries such sympathy and passion for the one he loves that you can only feel ether happy or sad. It’s the type of track that could make you cry with happiness or cry your eyes out with sadness. There is no in-between. The way the piano is played so lightly caressing every note as if it’s the last to be played, right up until the end when the track becomes independent. It just spirals off transporting you to a whole new way of life and thinking that you never really knew was possible. It truly is a face to face track that pulls and tugs at all of your heart strings at once. Its pure beauty at its finest.

Now onto Martin Luke Brown’s latest track, Into Yellow. It’s a bold take on what music is and is such a tense track that builds and builds and never seems to release. Its full of such variety and colour that you can only think about the unthinkable while you fade into its emotionless trap of texture. This breathe of fresh air is a clear take on Bon Iver’s new music which some would say is a unique taste to swallow. Nether the less Into Yellow is such a complete tune with the drone of the organ, rumble of the bass and other sonic sound merging into what we know as his latest experiment. This showcases what he is able to create out of such simple sounds and ideas linking to it. Into Yellow is the calm chaos that you never knew you needed.

Overall, I would say that Martin Luke Brown is the story teller you never knew you needed in your life. His calming nature and love for just pure musical sound really makes you feel all calm and collected. Yet some of his tracks really provoke a new way of thinking that you never really knew existed until the first click of that play button.

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