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Releasing her debut EP last week entitled All That For What, Annabel Allum is back and expanding her folk roots. First listening to this EP as a whole there are defiant connections to the more indie side to her style. Taking inspiration from the likes of the fuzzy vibes from Wolf Alice and The Big Moon this EP hits the indie soft spot alright. In her own words, however “‘All That For What’ is a collection of conflict. Self-reflection and self-refraction. It’s a time capsule of a state of mind, and a state of being. Misunderstanding, the journey of understanding, and the delivery of being understood.” You can feel that vibe throughout the EP which is also channelled by the clothes she wears. Her unique style has already lead to endorsements from Cheap Monday and a variety of other indie clothing brands.

The first track entitled Rich Backgrounds really kicks off the EP with a literal kick. With plenty of grindy guitar and crisp sharp vocals she really creates a refreshing take on the genre she has created. It’s a house of a track that sticks in your head for days on end which isn’t good if you can only remember and sing the chorus. Rich Backgrounds is what I like to call a classic indie grunge track that’s full of I don’t really care much vibes with a sprinkle of being misunderstood in a sad teenager way. It’s such a great opener to the EP and really gets it going off to a flying start and living up to everything you hope for in a little indie track.

Track two is Eat Greens. This is, again, a very energetic track filled with fun lyrics and a unique take on grunge. Mixing in the idea of modern pop into the track Annabel has really taken this tune into her own hands. It not only screams teenage troubles but also comes across with a unique message that enables the listener to relate to the track as well as sing along. Much like track one this song really gets stuck in your head and you can’t help but sing along to it when it comes on. Eat Greens shows what is wrong with our society today but in a more fun and less depressing way. Well as least depressing as it can get!

Picture on Picture is next and it has to be my favourite track on the EP. It shows off a slower and kinder side to Annabel Allum. Its full of a passion and drive for self-reflection and self-refraction in her life no matter how small. It’s the type of track that really gets the crowd swaying side to side thinking about who they hold near and dear to them at a gig and I love it. The tension of the track slowly builds up and slowly releases towards the end of the track. It’s nothing short of a beautiful track that you could listen to on repeat for days on end. There is something hidden within the track that also gives it a sad undertone which helps her convey her key message behind the EP.

Lastly to round off this 4 track EP is Spit. This brings it back to the more folk roots she is known for. This track is also incredible and is a must for any Birdy or Passenger fan. It’s as if she has given up and is on her last legs in terms of finding herself and what she’s meant to be doing with her life. It’s the type of track you listen to alone with just your thoughts for company and the open sky above you. It really showcases her talents and what she loves doing with beautiful unique twists carrying it to the end of the EP. Twanging guitars and ghost like vocals make this a track to be haunted to for days on end after the first listen no matter how it affected you. Spit will affect you somehow and in some way.

Overall this EP shows off what Annabel Allum is capable of producing and writing. She just seems to get what it means to be alive and what it means to try and find yourself and what you love. With blistering riffs, frenetic vocals and a point to make about music genres she is an diverse artist who is well worth checking out no matter what your musical type.

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