Top 5 Albums – June 2017

Hello Stranger,

The end of another month already. It seems only yesterday that it was May. This month has gone ridiculously quickly and I have to say personally I haven’t been listening to any new tunes. Exams and coursework have prevented me from delving into the new tunes of June as I’ve been just listening to chilled out mixtapes on YouTube for the past month. But I will try my best to put something together regardless, as the show must go on. This month saw the return of my local festival Glastonbury and once again it was better than ever. Showcasing what music and art can do to bring people together for the weekend. A charity single was also created in aid of the people effected by the Grenfell Tower Fire. The single is a cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water by a whole bunch of artists with the likes of Stormzy, James Blunt, Emeli Sande, Leona Lewis and a choir that rounds off the fitting tribute of a track.

5) RUN-D.M.C.

Image result

About a year ago I would have never have listened to RUN-D.M.C. at all but last week I went and bought a 2017 reissue of their 1984 self-titled album on vinyl.  Featuring tracks such as Hard Times, 30 Days and Rock Box every track gets you going in a completely different way. After listening to nothing but chilled out mixtapes for a month is record has been a breath of fresh air. So much so I had it on repeat for several days after I bought it. For me the tracks that really stand out is Rock Box with its unique use of guitar and rapping that I never really knew existed until listening to this track. But my favourite has to be It’s Like That. It’s a classic track that can never be replaced or covered in the same way that these guys can do it. Everyone knows this song and its really difficult not to smile, start singing along to it and dance in some sort of horrific manner. Even after 33 years RUN-D.M.C. are still around and relevant in today’s society some would say more than ever.

4) The Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia

Image result for 4) The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia

Now a recent rediscovery is The Dandy Warhols. You may not have heard of these guys but I can guarantee that you would have listened to one of their tracks in your life without realising its them. I used to listen to these guys all the time and after rediscovering them on my phone this month I have been listening to them over and over again. Especially this album; Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia. Every track on it makes everything seem that little bit better. It just makes you want to get up and groove to the whole Bohemia life that they are offering in musical form no matter how fast or slow the track. My favourite however has to be Bohemian Like You even though Godless is up there with it. Bohemian Like You is such a classic track that everyone knows and is used more than you think in a whole bunch of films and TV shows. It makes me feel summer is here and it’s all just going to be okay in the end. There are a lot of tracks that make you feel this way but none much like The Dandy Warhols.

3) Stereophonics

Image result for stereophonics recent

This month’s number three is the great and everlasting Stereophonics. This timeless band was another rediscovery this month when all my horrific exams where over when a friend invited me to see them next month. These guys only seem to write and cover classic tracks making it really difficult to just pick one album out of the nine albums these guys have released over the years. Like any fan of any band I love both their new music and the older music. From the cover of Handbags and Glandrags to the get up and go track C’est La Vie from their latest album. C’est La Vie has to be one of my favourite tracks by Stereophonics purely because it sums up what I love about them the most. Their whole stop thinking of the sad times for a second and just live life. They are an everlasting band and will be forever a house hold name to every generation as long as they keep making music!

2) Prides – Mixtape 2014 Live at The Old Mill Studios

Image result for prides 2014 mixtape

This is not an album in the slightest but it is something that I listen to a lot especially when revising or trying to be vaguely productive. Back in 2014 Scottish band Prides started creating a mixtape of all of the hits of the year for new year. This is a tradition that they have kept going ever since this first one 3 years ago. This one has to be my favourite out of the three so far partly because of the way they perform it and way they have put their own twist on each of these chart songs. I would pick a favourite track out of this collection of covers but the whole mixtape and collection of tracks itself is pure genius and makes it near impossible to pick a favourite. It’s a mixtape that I can put on for background music or to cheer myself up as after three years I know all the lyrics and way they perform. It’s not only an amazing song but also video as you can watch them all transition into each different track which is a completely different track and story in itself.

1) 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack

Image result for 13 reasons why soundtrack artwork

I was a little bit late on this ‘band-wagon’ so to speak but once I finished 13 Reasons Why I fell in love with it and its soundtrack. The soundtrack for the whole series is amazing. With bands such as The Cure and Joy Division to the lead singer Selena Gomez featuring on the soundtrack it is a real mix of music for one TV show. Not only does it help the series become what it is but it also helps with character development as each track is used on one episode of the show. My favourite track being The Night We Met by Lord Huron. It’s such a beautiful track among the chaos and confusion of the show. It also speaks to every teenager that has had a person or group of friends who have affected them and their lives personally. To me it means friendship and something that will never die. I actually love this song so much that me and my friends have decided to get it tattooed. Commitment to friendship and music at its finest.

Buy the albums here:

5) RUN-D.M.C. –

4) The Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia:

3) Stereophonics:

2) Prides – Mixtape 2014 Live at The Old Mill Studios:

1) 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack:


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