Colour of Spring – Colour of Spring EP

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Out this Friday (23rd June) via House of Love Records is Colour of Spring’s brand new self-titled EP. These Leeds shoegazers have already caught the attention of the big names in the business such as NME and The Lone Of Best Fit. They are all about fuzzy riffs and distorted guitars that have a stark comparison to bands like Wild Nothing. They bring to the table a unique and fresh take on dreampop/shoegaze and it is exactly want your ears need to hear in this hot weather. Well if you currently live in the UK that is. There is nothing like lying back in the shade of a tree listening to this short but sweet EP.

First track of this three track EP is Love. It is full of drowsy guitar riffs and slowed right down vocals that give it a very care free full of love vibe which is what these guys are all about. They really show off in this track which gives it the kick that you never knew it needed. The build ups and the way that it can make you feel weightless only adds to the experience that these guys are performing. Love gets down to the sad parts of life and talks about, some would say, taboo topics that many don’t dare to go near. Not only that they make Love relatable and down to earth rather than some unknown figure that nobody can obtain, much like most modern artists seem to make it. Colour Of Spring have really captured what it means to be a teenager in this generation. It sucks but it has its good bits.

Onto the second track. This is my favourite out of the three due to its passion filled demeanour and core shoegaze message that they carry through the track. it just seems like it’s a never-ending track of beauty and lust that goes on and on and on. The never-ending feeling is hard to achieve in music but these guys seemed to have mastered in and mastered it well. It doesn’t drag itself to the end, it just moves with the flow of the music creating a beautiful thing while at it. The back bone of this track has to be the drums. They just slowly carry it along and it’s so subtle that most of the time you don’t even realise it’s there. Echoes is the type of song that you could never get bored of and has become a Colour of Spring staple in my eyes and ears.

Last but not least is the final track, Sun which was recently released as the single for this EP. It’s a more intense and grunge filled track packed with even more insane guitar riffs and steady beats. They really get down to what they love in this track which is why it must have been picked as the track to represent the EP. Shoegaze, dreampop and fresh feeling end of summer is how I would describe this track. I know it’s not the end of the summer just yet but it just carries that feeling along with it. The idea of it coming to an end as it’s the last track and also being titled Sun adds to that whole sensation. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a track quite like this and I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air in a very warm heat wave room, I tell you that.

These guys have so much further to go and have a few other EP’s and singles for you to check out if you loved these tracks. Swooning from one track to the next these guys are what raw production and teenage antics are all about. Getting down to it with no funny business is what it’s all about.

Buy the EP here:


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